Ukulele Concert by Cindy Ukulele, CAR and RayRay : World's Classic

Cindy Concert.jpg

Aloha everyone,

We are blessed by the coming award-winning international ukulele artists, Cindy Ukulele and her band from Taiwan.
They'll be doing a ukulele concert at Crane Joo Chiat Rd this 18th January 2023.

She'll be doing a ukulele workshop about fingerstyle too. I'm sure many will benefit from her workshop

1.Teacher Cindy is a ukulele teacher who arranges and plays many beautiful songs for ukulele and shares on youtube from classical to modern pops, from Taiwan folks to world's classical. With her great passion, energetic,willing to share ukulele, she is quite welcomed by many students not only in Taiwan. From 2018, Cindy has run her master-class workshop
in KL, Malaysia.
2.Cindy is the author of ukulele book "World's Ukulele-Classical and Folk" which is very handy and popular for ukulele solo, duet, trio.(
3.Cindy has organized her family band-“CAR ukulele band”,members including her two sons-Albert, RayRay. Car ukulele band was the 1st of Hawaiian Ukulele Contest (group category,2019) and are often invited to perform not only in Taiwan. Car has been invited to many ukulele festivals all over the world including Japan, Korea, HongKong, Malaysia.
4.RayRay is very talented at ukulele and guitar. He is the Grand Champion of 2022 International Ukulele Contest,Hawaii. The Youngest Champion of UPTOPIA guitar contest in Taiwan,2020. RayRay is also the official musician of Lakewood guitars. You can follow“RayRay Cheng” music channel on spotify and youtube. RayRay’s sponsors including: Lakewood, Jeffrey Yong guitars, Farida guitars, Leho ukulele,Big Island Ukulele etc. guitar.

Let's have fun Aloha in these rare & precious events. Happy new year 2023 to you all :)