what do u play in stores?


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haha, i just gt this topic off some american guitar webbie. thought it would be intersting to discuss it here.

wonder what u guys play when u test guitars and gear. cos there has always been this taboo to play stairway and smoke or eruption in guitar stores. even to the extend of a show wayne's world having a joke of showing this fella going to a shop to try guitars and then there's this sign saying, NO STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN!

bt personally, i think its pretty crappy. haha, jst play what u normally play and what u would do with the guitar if u bought it.
Being a lefty and the lack of lefty guitars in local stores, I don't have much chances to try around :smt088 But if I were to play, I'll probably play my band's own songs, since I'd like to hear whether the tone fulfills the band's style/requirements, etc as opposed to sounding like my idol's bands, etc. Also, no one can say 'eh...don't sound like Sweet Child O Mine's solo leh...' :smt017 *lol*
I think the Wayne's World sign should be changed to "NO SANDMAN" because that's what I hear everytime I go in to Swee Lee.

Personally, I don't try to play anything specific. If I am trying out a piece of gear, such as a guitar or amp, I am specifically listening for how the tonal response of it is, so rather than trying to impress the other shoppers with my rip-roaring (ok - I admit - sucky version of Master Of Puppets) I play some single notes, try out some sustaining vibrato, some fast picked scales, some chords and ringing arpeggios and maybe a bit of thrashing. Once I'm satisfied with the basic sound, then I might improvise a little bit, adjusting the pots here and there.

When I first started learning the guitar, I would always try to play the opening riff to "Layla" - no matter what guitar, amp, effect or sound - it was always Layla - and a pretty poor version at that. :)
The first time I picked up a guitar in swee lee, I was playing chords in... namely C and G. And trying not to look stupid at the same time :oops:
Hey everybody got to start somewhere. :)

Even Yngwie - I bet he never played "Far Beyond The Sun" the first time he went into the guitar store in Stockholm.
if i try acoustic guitar, i would go and play i've got a feeling by the beatles. Pretty easy and pleasing to the ears. Only A and D chords.

if electric huh....master of puppets chorus, cause that is pretty much all i know how to play that song. and mother russia.
Elias said:
Also, no one can say 'eh...don't sound like Sweet Child O Mine's solo leh...' :smt017 *lol*

Sweet Child should also be added to the "BANNED" list - along with:
Master Of Puppets
LOL. Really very common to hear those around now that you guys mentioned it.

Just whack la, play anything that feels comfortable :wink:
Along with Blink 182 stuff.

Hahhahaha I remember that time... I was at Yamaha getting pickups installed.

Was there for a good part of the afternoon. Two ang moh kids were there, and they were playing the guitars whole day long. Playing, going like "oh so thats how it is... show me xxxxx song, why dont you get another guitar and jam..."

dont know how you guys feel, but damn... lol. They were there for 5 hours at least. Free jamming.

No points if you can guess whether they bought anything at all in the end.
Eh... I heard that "Smoke on the water" is something u shld never play when ure trying out guitars. Lmao.

Anyway i'll just play blues. Any rythm, and solo. Just whack with feel. No one will laugh at u, for not able to shred.

\b/ BLUES! Woohoo
Vaiyen said:
i've never heard anyone play Eruption in a guitar shop. Maybe I havent been around much.

Oh that i've heard once. The first time i went to try out the Ibanez 7 stringers at MFO. Can't remember the salesperson's name, this new guy, showed me some Eruption chops.
um, haha, talk bout serrena, me and andrew were at swee lee buying marty tix, so we wasted time and then i purposedly tried a guitar playing smoke on the water, for kicks, next andrew took the guitar and played serrena, i guess that scared the swee lee staff. haha.

seeing that he is only 15
i play clean open chords... some blues stuff... and then get on dirty channel and do some runs.. just basically check comfortability on the usual stuff i play...
I usually starting off by plucking G D A E (bass, not violin), check harmonics, check intonation @ 12th fret, Slap E and D, pop D and G, and start playing nonsense to see if the bass is comfortable. So yeah, i just play nonsense when i go to guitar shops.