PSA: Don't buy from Raymond Lim


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Impugning someone's character is most definitely not something I take lightly, especially not in the public square.

However, as a member of this platform, I owe a duty to this community to expose deceitful and dishonest sellers trading on a buy/sell platform, lest another person gets taken for a ride.

Here's what has transpired. On 12 August 2017, I went all the way down to Raymond Lim's place to collect an MXR Carbon Copy, that in his ad, was described as being in 'brand new condition'.

I was in a rush, so I didn't even take the pedal out of the box. To the best of my memory, before I left, he even said words to the effect of 'let me know if anything is wrong'. Reasonably relying on his words, and the wording in his ad, I trusted that the pedal was in good working condition. See below "Screenshot 1".

Following that was a crazy busy week during which I didn't have any time to play guitar at home either. I had a new pedalboard arriving this week (Week of the 21st) and on Monday I decided I would prep the pedals to be stuck onto the board. I took it out of the box, used a piece of tissue to clean the dust (it was pretty dusty) and right before I was about to pluck off the rubber feet on the Carbon Copy to attach dual lock so that it could be stuck to my pedalboard, I decided I should just test it. I plugged it in and the lights turned on, activated the pedal but zilch. No delay effect. Took a video of it and sent it to Raymond. See "Screenshot 2".

It was 10.31PM when I texted him, I didn't realise it was late so I sent another text to apologize at 10.38PM, for the late text and informed him of the video on whatsapp, which if you refer to Screenshot 2, you'll see was "seen" on 22 August 2017, at 3:50am. See also, "Screenshot 3".

Again no reply, so I texted him again on 22 August 2017, at 3:43PM. Same as before, no response.

I needed to ascertain if he was ignoring me, or if he simply forgot about it. Sure enough, he posted some new ads, so I used another number to text him about another item. (Note, this does not fall within the ambit of entrapment or agent provocateur. Not that either affords you a defence in Singapore anyway). And voila, I got a reply in a mere 8 minutes. See "Screenshot 4".

On my end, I've given ample time for the seller to reply and to reach an amicable solution but all that has been an exercise in futility. Resorting to posting this in public was my last resort, and since I am unable to elicit any response from him, I have to turn to this method to obtain my recourse.

I started out buying and selling on this platform a good 11 years ago. Today, $130 is not a small sum. I can't imagine how devastated I would've been if this happened to me as a 13 year old. That would've been months of savings being taken away from me like that. In all my years of dealing on soft and on any platform I've never met with a dishonest seller like this.

Owing to his silence, I believe I am entitled to draw an adverse inference, being one that the pedal was faulty and he never intended to keep to his word in the first place.

Fun fact, this is my... fourth carbon copy, so it's most definitely not user error. I tried the pedal on multiple power supplies (VL PP 4x4, Strymon Zuma, Boss PSA Adaptor) and on each of these PSUs, the pedal produced the same problem. Tried 8 different guitars, running into an amp, running into an amp sim on my DAW/Audio Interface. Tried different cables, using a wireless system. Every possible alternative for fault has been explored. Only the pedal is faulty.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Screenshot 3:

Screenshot 4:

TLDR; Bought a carbon copy for $130. Pedal is spoilt. Seller doesn't reply. Don't buy his other stuff.

For reference, his other sale threads:
*UPDATE - Without Prejudice*

I'm unable to edit the original post any further, hence the follow-up post/addendum.

The seller has finally replied me today and the conversation, as transpired, is below.

Trying to work out a resolution now and will update again when a resolution has been reached.


Write to James to remove this thread once settled then. The lack of admin rights on your own ads all these years is baffling.
I have received a full refund from the seller. Have already written to James @soft for this thread to be removed.
I have received a full refund from the seller. Have already written to James @soft for this thread to be removed.

LOL getting exposed on public forum, and then makes refund. Looks like your tactic worked after all.

Got sold a faulty MXR 10-band EQ on Carousell. Its actually only (functionally) a 7-band. Didn't have time to check either, and realised too late. Asswipe pulled a dirty stunt and refused to refund on the grounds that he stated it was 7/10 condition. I hope he gets herpes.
Yes, I agreed with you, anyone who has been cheated in one way or another, please expose them. Dishonesty cannot be tolerated at all and it's our duty to maintain this platform for good use.