Looking for Guitarist/Bassist/Drummer/Vocalist for Rock Band


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Hi all,

Posting here again to find band mates.

I (guitarist) was working with another guitarist and drummer the past few months. We wrote some demos and were about to film some content but they ended up flaking due to commitment issues etc

So here I am again looking for band mates to join my project. This time, I have 5 demos. The following youtube link is a sampler of the demos. (Short extracts of the full demos)

These are written by me, with some drum inputs from the previous drummer.

I am looking for:
Another guitarist (exchange both rhythm and lead duties with me)

I put in a lot of work for this project so only looking for those who are serious about making a rock band work. Preferably full time musicians, as I want to get this off the ground asap. Also because you will want this as much as I do.

DM me on insta @theconceptguitarist if you are interested.

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I've played with jazzshifu before, nice guy, great player, writes well. Interested parties should hit him up quick!