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    Read your description of Boss DS-1 versions, very informative. But I'm curious now which version I have. It's from the late 80's and has the TA7136AP chip, but it has a black thumb screw, not the silver screw. Any ideas?
    hahah would u consider that an SG?? its a gibson eds-1275! doublenecked sg. my goal is to own one of those in the future. the only SG i'm crazy over is the 1964 SG standard. the one angus young uses.

    i'm a les paul fan. hahaha
    aiyah you again haha jap ah! some jap lovin' man. just got a heart transplant but the vintage frets are not as nice as the 6105. no 'snappyness' try it out someday

    I'm looking for a pedal which can boost and change my tone,
    or just boost my volume ONLY ...

    Xotic RC Booster is good ...

    What about MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-401 Boost


    MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-402 Boost/Overdrive

    Since they both boost to 20db ...

    What i care more is huge gain in the volume only, but i just want it to be versatile ...

    Need your recommendation ...

    Thank You ...
    Hey, which pedal are u using ?

    Xotic RC Booster
    Goosonique Boosty
    EHX Nano LPB-1 (works, but the 'pop' upon engaging the unit is irritating)
    MI Audio Boost N Buff (works as a treble boost at higher settings)
    Barge Concepts DB-3 (doubles up as an effects loop, and adds gain at higher settings)
    Keeley Katana Clean Boost
    MXR Custom Audio Electronics MC-401 Boost
    T-Rex Moller (has the clean boost option, independent circuit as overdrive)
    Rocktron Nitro Booster (a lot of gain on this one actually)
    TC Electronic Classic Booster
    Homebrew Electronics Germania Booster
    Fulltone Fat Boost
    thanks for repping me hahah. anyway the full line to this (very catchy and meaningful too) :

    play with fire and you get burned (comes from a SNES game called Chrono Trigger).if you start the fire gotta keep up with the heat.(my own favourite line) if you can't take the heat , get out of hell's kitchen! (I saw someone on soft say this.)
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