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  • I assume you're using the TU-3 to share power with one other pedal then, in order to power all 6 pedals? The Biyang supplies 400mA of current, which is low but should be just enough.

    Like I said, you have to try different combinations. Does the noise go away if you take out one of the delays (as in totally remove it from the signal chain)? Then swap it with the other delay to see if just one of them is faulty.
    If you're using a OneSpot / Godlyke or similar adapter with 1700mA or more, it shouldn't be lack of power. If you're using a Boss 200mA adapter, that's a serious problem.

    I know it's a hassle but you should try different combinations of your pedals. Since you mention the 2 delays, try taking both out, then turn on everything else and see if there is any noise. If not, add back the delays one by one.

    Is it a constant hum, oscillating sound (going up and down like a siren), or seemingly random noise? That could give a clue also.
    HEY !

    So sorry for my very late reply ...

    I haven't been browsing here ...

    Ya, i've got it ...

    The MXR Booster?Overdrive ...

    Thanks for caring !!

    THANKS !!
    You can try the GE-7, better to get them MIJ ones and mod it so there's no tone loss..
    I don't have any boost pedals.. Lol..
    I have 4 gain pedals, so my rhythm tone on my RAT or Jap DS-1 is significantly lower than my lead tone on my Sonic Glory into JH Classic Fuzz.. Even if my lead tone is used for rhythm, the volume knob on the JH is easily reached and I can turn it easily with my toe..
    Other than that, my Morley Pro Series II Wah also has a volume boost when I need to use the wah.. Simple as that..
    Xotic makes good boosters, but all of em are above 200 bucks.. MI Audio Boost N Buff is a good booster too.. Someone is selling a boutique Barge Concepts Booster in the Buy/Sell.. Cheap at 190..
    Sorry, I've never used the RC Booster before so I wouldn't know how it sounds like.
    I bought my Boss GE-7 from Swee Lee earlier this year for $118.
    Swee Lee gives a 40% discount for all Boss pedals so don't let the price on their price tags (list price) scare you if you're buying from them.
    Why BOSS btw? I wouldn't recommend any Boss pedals.. But clean boosts - plenty of em around.. Can do your research on your own bro.. :cool:
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