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Recommended Metal-type distortion

  • BOSS: Metal Zone

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  • Digitech: Metal Master

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  • Line6: Uber Metal

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  • Krank: Distortus Maximus

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  • Carl Martin: Crush Zone

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  • EHX: Metal Muff

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  • I prefer cascading gain of 2 drive pedals

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  • I prefer boutique

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  • I prefer modified stuff/ others

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greetings friends 8)

in the realm of distortion intensity, the term 'metal' is often conjured. there are countless pedals out there with the 'metal' tag; some prove to be credible, others, a miss.

in addition to the poll, do recommend a good intense distortion, regardless of price because we know, players here aren't hesitant to go boutique 8)

PS: this thread is not a brand bashing discussion- constructive criticisms, please.
Two drive pedals in series for me, MJM Blues Devil -> Little Big Muff. I love my metal tone with a hint of fuzziness. Surprisingly, this combo can yield out a decent metal tone. I also scoop all the mids out on the amps eq and crank the 'low' and 'high' to 10.
for dweebs like me who prefer our amp's distortion, we get more satisfaction drive boosting the dirty channel...
i agree with subversion.i use the od channel of my amp peavey blazer 158

but then again.the drive so uber i have to use 2 other drive pedals.
Metal zone user here, satisfied with the metal tone im gettin. However im considering switching to the EHX Muff....maybe...from time to come. I also play through a OD which i use as a booster as well.
never really been a fan of using pedals to get distortion since day 1, always had the the idea that distortion should be the work of the amp

however, i found my marshalls did not have enough drive, so i was boosting it with a bixonix expandora 2

once the invader came, there isnt any need for a boost anymore! :p
I like Landmines.

Call me crazy, but I sometimes give myself a gain booster with a modified TS7 in conjunction with the Landmine.
hey bro marksman, where you get ur landmine and how much? I heard it, its crazy, may want to get it as well.
im a landmine user, i used to own a line6 ubermetal but later on, i dont like the digital sound coming from the unit. Then i meet the landmine, WHOA, can get pantera/ metallica withh ease. Provided you have good pups and guitar la. 8)

Midnight- bro, u can get the landmine from east side guitar at penin.
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