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HI guys, I was thinkng of starting small home business while i study in order to get more savings. I have skills and experience in Refretting guitars, adjustments of truss rods, restringing, polishing, dehumidifying.....mostly mantainence stuff.

Can you guys please quote a reasonable price for each service stated(reasonable to you all and to me too!:))

Thanks dudes
I suggest you build up some repute first. Offer your services to your guitarist friends first for a low fee... then ask them to recommend friends to you.

But note, you better know what you are doing because there are ppl out there would know their stuff and if by any chance you do substandard work, you'll be blackmarked for a long time...

I don't think we should be the ones giving you the prices too... check with the shops that offer such services, Luther, Guitar Workshop, Guitar Connection and Malcom... then you decide on a fee that is competitive as well as reasonable, in line with your skills of course.

Wish you all the best in this! :)
i totally support you in doing this, operating from home i reckon your charges should be cheaper and mroe negotiable than shops...maybe we all can benefit from you work in the future...go on with the idea!
Get to know the market price and also evaluate how much you're worth per hour. Don't undervalue yourself unless that is what you want to do.

Not putting you down or anything, how many refret jobs have you done till date to say that you have the SKILLS to do it. I'm asking this cos you say that you're still studying. Ever done a lacquered maple fretboard refret or refret a neck with bindings? Do you have the tools to do fret levelling and crowning?

Also another word of advise, NEVER EVER use a customer's guitar as a learning tool without their permission. Do jobs only that you're confident of doing a good one.

Its a very small circle here in Singapore. Do a bad job and the word gets around faster than you can say booyakasha!

Anyways good luck and work hard!
Yeah.. this is not like frying potato chips at home urself and sell it from home.. guitars ranging from 100 to few grands man!!
yeah.. maybe u can do a normal general setup for like 20 bucks u noe.. just normal setup..

leave the repairs.. changing PUs away... :)
Actually the best way for you to learn is probably to work in a guitar shop and understudy. It is by no means an easy thing. Not a three-month-stint-and-learn-all thingy. I used to work a guitar shop, and refretting stuffs is not easy.
Haha. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I am 15 years old, but i have been doin refretting work since last year. Saw m dad doing it to his acoustic by himself, so i kinda fgured out how to do it. I tried it out on one of my fenders and it worked out perfect. Its pretty smle actually,al that i need to realy invest in are the tools.
Hey aaroncheong,

there are people out there who have budget guitars that are looking for repair work. But they won't pay a normal fee for repair because it just aint worth it, e.g. $200 refret for a $300 guitar?

Perhaps you can target this group of people by charging them really cheap. And stating risk factor (if you are just starting out with little experience). If I am the customer, it's worth considering.

If you ask me, I think you can succeed. But you need to process this whole thing properly.

Guitar repair is about alot of experience. All the best buddy!