Hi everybody. Khai here. Would you care to participate? $10


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Hi. Help me out with a crowdfunding campaign PLEASE!
It feels shitty when few are willing to help. My life's been shitty before, and I wanna make things right, give me a chance.


The story of the project
About 10 years ago, if you saw me on the streets, you'd be thinking "What a bum, such a waste. So talented yet he's idling his life away." Now, after about 13 years of dropping in and out of school, being fired from countless jobs, going to various institutions for correctional help, here I am. I am now a top graduate with a diploma in a graphic design and I started my own company.

Here we provide graphic design services to individuals or groups who need illustration, motion graphics, branding and advertising. We deal with print as well as broadcast media. So far business has been smooth, with a few customers here and there, providing just enough to earn a simple living. Recently, an opportunity has come up and I would like to share with you my idea and I hope you guys could help me out.

We need to raise a total of $40000 to acquire the equipment and the premises to carry out our plan. Today we're only asking for $5000 to get the ball rolling, as a deposit. We want to have a music studio for the youths and budding musicians out there. Our aim is to make this studio stand out from all the rest. We want to emphasize on customer experience while giving something back to society.

Long Live LKS

How the funds will be used

LKS. Nuff said.

A long time ago, a studio called Lee Kwong Seng wanted to hand down the business to us. We were ready to accept the offer. We were young and broke, so it took some time to raise enough capital to purchase the equipment. Unfortunately, someone with more money came along and snatched the deal away from us. We were devastated. Many of us fell into depression. Our home, the lives we once knew, was gone, and replaced with a stranger. Soon after the business closed down. We were in shock. Most of us were angry. As time passed by, that anger turned into sadness and now nothing more than reminiscence of an aging band member.

Lee Kwong Seng was a safe haven for youths and musicians to be comfortable being themselves. At LKS, we let loose. We let our creativity flow. We were one as a family. Nobody was an enemy. Nobody was competition. We were there for each other. LKS nurtured many bands to explore and develop their potential, with many of those bands making it big now, playing on the big stage such as Baybeats and etc.


Since this project hasn't started yet, we can't really show you pictures, but we'll put up references when we can so you may better understand our direction. Pictures are reference only.

We will be purchasing the equipment from an existing business owner, so the bulk of the proceeds will go to that.
The remaining $10,000 will be used to spruce up the place. We want our studio to have a minimalistic feel and the illusion of spaciousness. We plan to have full feature walls that are all illustrations and artwork.

If we can get freebies or discounts on some items, we hope to have some money left to organize a gig for everyone. Music events like these are usually charged, around $10 - $30, which can be a lot for a student. Back in the day, gig tickets were $4, but now everything is expensive. I plan to work with the community of jammers, industry professionals and established bands to organize a free gig for everyone to enjoy. No cover charge. No entry fee. It will be held out in the open. And it will feature all these new young bands alongside more matured acts.

Some of my other work


This is one of the last few sessions we had at the studio. Very sad times.
Enjoy our song.

By the way for those of you looking to get the graphic design rewards, let's just say, it's not written in stone. If you wanna request something special, we're open to the idea. As long as it falls within the price range. Chat us up, we'll talk.


The challenge is that there are over 40 Jamming studios in Singapore. We need to garner enough interest and support so we may earn enough to stay alive. There are many studios in Singapore that are closing down, or many have closed down already. The interest in playing music isn't as much as maybe 10 years ago. We need to get people excited about jamming again. We need them to see that there is more to life than just tablets and smartphones. So the number 1 challenge is in customer acquisition. How do we raise the total number of jammers per month?

We have planned a series of incentive based programs aimed at our target market. We believe these plans will increase the frequency of jammers as well as time spent in the studio.
Not forgetting, our revamp of the premises will ensure that the studio is comfortable and welcoming, which will hopefully make customers stay longer. The whole idea behind this renovation is that we need to stay relevant to the culture of today to still remain interesting.

We will also be incorporating our design business into the studio, offering up our design services to bands or individuals who need help in getting exposed. We will conceptualize and design anything from a logo, to a whole infomercial. So at our studio you get the best of both the music, and the design world.

We won't try to be like other jamming studios. We respect their craft and their ideologies and we will not try to take any of that away from them. We want to be our own thing. Support our own ideals. Have our own style.


There are 2 aims to this project.

It is, 1, is to keep the youths out there busy with meaningful activities. We see music performance as one such activity. We want to instill in the youths a certain drive and eagerness to achieve. We are not saying that all kids are messed up, but there are some that need a little extra support. We've seen countless of our friends go to prison, get involved in drugs, some, even suicide. It's a tragedy to see these people waste their lives away, and we assure you, some are talented enough to be professional music producers or performers. Having been through all that, we'd hate to see history repeat itself, no matter how insignificant one thinks he or she is.

2, and most importantly, we want to re-create the vibe of the 90s and 2000s, where there was a community of punkrockers, metalheads, rockers, and etc. Anybody was welcome. We supported each other. There was a strong sense of belonging, where everyone fit in, and we supported each other. We went to each other's gigs. We were the bands that played. We were the supporters of those bands too. We loved being in that community of musicians and we wanted to do more. To be better. We want to bring back the spirit of Lee Kwong Seng Music Studio.

If you think you know of anyone who loves music, and needs this, do support. Your money goes a long way in building something meaningful, beacon of hope for those in need, whether they realize it or not. Let's keep the music alive.