Order of linkage of pedals effect


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Hi there,

I would like to know which order of pedals should be first, middle and last in the pedals board, eg, wah, delay, chorus, TS-9 and DS-1, which pedal should be the last to be connected to the amp.

Thank you
as they said, the possibilities endless... but for me, i would do:
guitar>wah>ts9(assumably to be booster)>ds1>chorus>delay>amp
usually i would put the gain pedals first with the highest gain first thn to the lower gain thn comes the modulation effects like the chorus and delays. Boosters would come last.

so for urs i would put guitar -> ds1 -> ts9 -> delay -> chorus -> amp

unless ur using ur ts9 as a solo boost thn put it inbetween the amp and the chorus. some ppl would put the modulation effects in the parallel effects loop of the amp but i cant be bothered heh too lazy to set the lvl properly.

anybody gt different opinions to share?
Definitely wah first after guitar. Otherwise it'd screw up the sound of your effects. Unless you want to achieve a different sound, that is.
so for urs i would put guitar -> ds1 -> ts9 -> delay -> chorus -> amp

Why delay then chorus. You'll be chorusing the delays instead of delaying the choruses. Think that will make it kinda mushy. Delay should be last in chain I think. Unless you looking for an interesting sound. Try the wah before or after or inbetween the overdrives/distortions. Its cool to experiment.
ciel21 said:
so for urs i would put guitar -> ds1 -> ts9 -> delay -> chorus -> amp?

Hey man... even if you are using the TS9 to boost, it should not be after chorus, before amp. It will mush up the song too... unless of course, you like it. :)
it'd put

guitar->Ts9->wah->DS1->delay->chorus ...

reason for putting the ts9 1st is to get that lovely hendrix "grooowl" outta the wah ...
a really rough way to figure out the order to hook up your pedals would be

tuner->pedals that affect the tonality of your guitar (chorus, wah)->od/distortion/fuzz->eq->envelope filters (phaser, flange, etc)->delay->reverb

this is a basic outline, but experiment yourself. for example, some people like to put boost pedals right at the top of their chain, and some like to put them right before or after od or even at the end. case in point-my effects chain (as i remember it right now) is as follows:

boss tuner->boss dd-3 digital dimension->voodoo lab sparkle drive->visual sound jekyll&hyde->boss ph-3->line6 echo park->moogerfooger murf->boss rv-3 (the one with delay too)->boss eq

in live settings when i get to use my own amp (a marshall tube combo), i like to send the output from my jekyll&hyde into the input of the amp and then run the rest of the effects through the amp's effects chain.

it really all depends on your personal preference and what works for your sound. there's no real end-all formula to building an effects chain. for example, most people in my position would put the echo park after the murf (the murf is a synth), but i like the way that the murf affects the echoes from the line6.

hope this helped a little-sorry it's so long.
theblueark said:
Why delay then chorus. .

Hehe, doode, have you seen the boards of those guys on the other forum? I dun even know where they start and how they end. edder and 44thofjuly start theirs with delays and reverbs. And a lot of the pedals are routed into feedback loopers and true bypass boxes.
jon__ said:
tuner->pedals that affect the tonality of your guitar (chorus, wah)->od/distortion/fuzz->eq->envelope filters (phaser, flange, etc)->delay->reverb.

Doode, flangers and phasers are modulation...

But I like your board. The swell function on the Echo Park is amazing. If I didn't have the DL4, I'll get the Echo Park just for that. Maybe, I should. Hmmm... :lol: Moogs are synths. MuRF is not exactly a synth as it still needs an audio source to work but I love it to bits... :D
I read from other forums that some ppl prefer to put time-based efx thru the loop and the others (gain/modulation) in front of them amp....hmmmm
Ya the idea is the gains push the amp and the delays are after the preamp to create ambient sounds which have the tone of whatever is after the preamp.

but as AgingYouth and a lot of others point out, there are no rules and you simply use whatever works or sounds best.

The guidelines are good starting points for beginners though.
The MicroKorg rocks!!! A few guitarist frens of mine actually bought it even though they are not keyboardists. The sounds are damn fun to play with and it looks damn 70's man!!! Hehehe... I can tell your mind is crying out for one as well.