Versatile Bassist Wanted


Hi There!

I'm planning to start up a band again.I was a former guitarist/co-founder of Kaiowas(2002-2012)

I am also the founder of my band,FuSe which i founded in Oct 2014.It was disbanded in Dec 2022.As for FuSe,i was the drummer-turned guitarist after we found a drummer to replace me,for me to replace the guitarist who left.Confusing eh? Lets not talk about the past anyway.

Currently, i am only looking for bassist to complete the line up,who is at least above average,not amature/beginner.

You MUST be a PR/SINGAPOREAN,who is on OFFICE HOURS.Reason is because i am on permanent night shift,which means we can only jam on MY off days.Sorry i am not being selfish,it has to be like that.Bo Pian 😅 Don't find this comfortable or think i am ridiculous? Easy,look away,don't reply to this post at all.Lets not waste each other's time.✌️🙂

-My intention to create a band again is mainly to de-stress, and if we ever have a chance,we can go into gigs and competitions.

-Age wise i am looking at around 30-50,race doesn't matter.Myself,i am a Male Mly 42yo this year.

-Jamming will be once a mth,can be weekend/weekday.

-We may just be de-stressing.But i need ourselves to be serious,as in,do ur homework proper when songlist is prepared for the upcoming jamming. We DON'T NEED expensive gears.What we need is sincerity and seriousness when we play.We need to play tight and neat,to enjoy our sessions together.

-Those who know me,and contacted me b4 in the past when i was recruiting for FuSe,NEED NOT contact me again.😀✌️

-My influences Dream Theater, Tessaract, Vola, Meshuggah,Perpiphery and many more.Disclaimer: But i can't really play like them 100% LOL!!

Songlist choice wise,we MUST be versatile, i don't even mind if members request to play Zombie,Nirvana,GnR,eg, ANYTHING at all. Can be discussed,and if all agree to it,we go for it! We try it out even tho it's not "our thing."

Songs for Audition(Fixed):

1)November 91(The PADRES)
2)In Bloom(NIRVANA)
3)One Last Breath(CREED)
4)Green Tinted Sixties Mind(MrBIG)
5)Symphony of Destruction(MD)

>>>>Drop D<<<<

7)Killing In the Name Of(RATM)
8)My Sacrifice(Creed)
9)Everlong(Foo Fighters)

We try to be versatile in future, and we MAY be playing heavier songs in future, if all agree.Eg,Megadeth,Testament,DT etc.

Whatsapp me at 90609838 and reply me with:-

-Staying at?
-If possible,gimme a link to a video of your recent gig/jamming,etc.
-R u on office hours?Or r u ok to "follow my off day to jam once a mth?
-Prefer male candidates



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