OM: does this sound alright ??

i can see you're trying very hard. points for the effort huh! you tried hard to keep in tempo too! all in all, i can hear the effort into putting this together for us to hear! :wink:
haha.. alrite.. am going to go for lessons soon .hahaha will make sure i will have smth that u will hear and will like :)
haha.. yea .. hello candice chua !! dun worry .. i wun let u all down .. i will train till the day i can impress all of u ..haha
HAHA. whats with the full names. okok not so full. there's no chinese names and fathers' names. ah well. siva's my idol! LOL.

whatever ever. aaron carter once sang "I WANT CANDY!" (:)
huh you want siva's father's name? whatever for? lol. he doesn't know my chinese name but i know his dad's name (thanks to brandon)

what's with the aaron carter song again. *rolls eyes*
it was never my favourite song =\ because

1) people might think i'm a big time narcissist
2) i might get diabetes
3) i liked the other aaron carter song because he was cuter in the video LOLLL.
4) that song's just plain spastic.