If you're not into Led Zeppelin, why the hell not?


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Just been watching my "Led Zeppelin" DVD (imaginative title) and it just reminded me of why I got into the guitar in the first place.

People (of the rock guitar kind), if you've never appreciated or heard Led Zeppelin, then go and get their stuff NOW! :)

Jimmy Page - ultimate guitar hero.
Robert Plant - Rock Star incarnate sex god
Bonzo - Wild man of rock and definitive drum sound - still some polyrhythm stuff that challenges drummers today
Jonesy - impeccable taste and rock solid bass timing.

I have not - didn't know it was video. To me - that falls into "repackage of old material with less-than-B-side-grade-extras thrown in".

Definitive vid is "Led Zeppelin" double DVD (vern = proud owner 8)) . "Song Remains The Same" has OK live bits but very dodgy 'concept' video stuff in-between.

No substitute for their studio albums in audio collection though.
well, its the band that made me pick up guitar too. is the dvd the one where u see some mafia killing people in some gambling den, then the members of led zep gets called for a gig?
That's Song Remains the Same (the sucky one but with cool live parts - esp. Dazed & Confused).

Btw who is that in your avatar pic?
There are 2 versions of How The West Was Won, 1 cd audio, 1 dvd audio. There's no video for htwww.

IMO its very good. seeing as there is only one another led zep live cd(Led Zep BBC sessions).

Btw, are the songs on The Song Remains the Same soundtrack live versions or what?
Ok, that makes 3 live led zep albums.

Yah, get the HTWWW, its around 35 bucks at gramophone, really really worth it. :)
i think that people's taste in music has changed. gone are the 20 minute guitar and drum solos in a studio recording. people want to say more stuff in a shorter amount of time these days. i personally love led zep and love bonham but im pretty certain many of my simple-plan-loving friends would hate led zep, despite them being legends of rock, or music for that matter.
Sadly, that's true in this mass media market 10 second attention span MTV generation.

Still, we don't care about your friends do we? :D
wow that was a quick reply. yes we dont care about them. oh and one more thing, i believe that led zep were probably stoned most of the time, even during recording sessions, so maybe the fact that artises arent getting high anymore has to do with the lack of led zep kinda music.
Cloudsky said:
Ok, that makes 3 live led zep albums.

Yah, get the HTWWW, its around 35 bucks at gramophone, really really worth it. :)

erm....pls u got it at 35 bucks, is it 3 CDs? i have this feeling i just got ripped off.
Actually I loved "the songs remained the same"....... hahaha... :lol: :lol:

All the cheesy parts of the movie, is just fantastic to me, cause I am a sentimental old fool....hahaha..

What I loved best is John Boham dreams, of a loving family, a son who looks up and follow his dad footstep, doing all the man's things, like farming, carpentry, souping up vintage cars, MAN oh MAN to pilot a top fuel drag car....hahaha..... :lol: :lol: .....sob...sob... :cry: :cry:

Heehee......but I still never picked up the guitar, although I fix the electronics and amps.

Being under influence is very very subjective to the individual. Some may get abusive and violent, others will release their creative inhibitions....
But whether stoned or not, it's still the intrinsic talent that a person must have before he can perform in such a wonderful way (substance is optional)
dammit...HMV is a rip off place. to think i so happy when i got it...

oh yea, bonham's pretty funny in that video. Led zep is like one of the bands that gets stoned all the time. I mean look at jimmy page when playing, he looked alittle "high" to me. I guess its all about drugs and alcohol in the past? correct me if i'm wrong.

a young led zep fan.
im a big led zep fan! i remember headbanging to Black Dog when i was 5 \m/ physical graffiti is hte best album!