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Hi I'm just curious how many of you like Hip-Hop? And why?

Personally I feel that Hip-Hop is kind of pointless and it just orbits around horny/meaningless topics. Like talking about booties/homies and stuffs, well what's the point of that. Don't say I'm conservative ok, cuz not just that the chanting drives me nuts, it's lame to see them in ultra big basketball jerseys and baseball caps. Do they really play any of those sports?! Oh and don't forget the bling-blings. They're so.. "act"? I find it sick to see them on MTV, but the fact is that MTV loves them, and people love them, and I don't know why.

So Hip-Hop fans, please defend your love.
I just think chinese people, of all people, look stupid in full skater regalia and bling. Hiphop is just plain unmusical, and the beat is very simple and monotonous.

I won't comment any further tho. I mean its a trend, and you can't expect much from someone who spends money to follow a trend. Just shut them, and MTV, off.

Our nation is too pussy to play real music for people. Hopefully bands like Ronin will pave the way for the next era.

Well I think hip hop is alright we shouldn't discrimate any genres cause hey, people have different tastes.

I'm don't particularly like it though.
When you say hip hop sucks, I have to say that you're wrong in a sense. What you see on MTV(50 Cent, Chingy whatever), I hate it when people think that Rap has no other artistes. How would you like if i called Simple Plan "Metal" or "Rock"? Hip hop, is not a music genre. No one seems to get that though. It's a sort of lifestyle, just like metalheads... Listen to some talib kweli, or mos def or RZA... Of course, these guys arent played much on MTV, or maybe not at all ...

Line from Blackstar's song "Respiration"

Breathin in deep city breaths, sittin on shitty steps
we stoop to new lows, hell froze the night the city slept
The beast crept through concrete jungles
communicatin with one another
And ghetto birds where waters fall
from the hydrants to the gutters
The beast walk the beats, but the beats we be makin
You on the wrong side of the track, lookin visibly shaken

These guys dont wear bling or whatever, dont rap bout being thugs and having sex with chicks and stuff ... The song i quoted is about NYC ... So what i'd like to say is, please don't diss other genres like rap and stuff.
Creeping_Deth said:
Our nation is too pussy to play real music for people. Hopefully bands like Ronin will pave the way for the next era.

ur post could have meant something, until u associate ronin entirely with "real music". This is not to say ronin aint playing music, but ur example is an extremely weak and myopic one.
Well they make and play music, and they're local.
They are trying hard to promote rock music in a country which feeds on taiwan pop and american trash.
Who else but a local band can do this? All those imported bands are all poppunkers or are too underground that if you liked em anyways you probably know music. And neither can we rely on our celebs.
Well.... I kinda like EMINEM stuff. Yes, he is vulgar and yes, he rap, yes, it's hip-hop and yes, he is 1 hell of a joker in his songs especially when you look at his music vid.

But for now, hip-hop for me is just that. Sometime, some people just need to go back to the basic and listen to some other genre sometime to ease their choaking mind. So for me, EMINEM clear mine real well. Last time, use to like VANILLA ICE a LOT! Hahah...... now he is into metal/ rock music, isn't he?

So grow up and have a listen on some music genre that you dislike in the first place. Sometimes, it can open up your musical creativity.
opinions. all depends on the listener.some like it cold, some like it hot.some like it big, some like it small. some like it complexed, some like it simple. different styles. one thing both have in common is that they can influence you.change the way you think. music is evil man. dont listen to it. it takes away your freedom of feelings!!
Roughly translated from the chinese saying; there is a prodigy/genius in every field.
For every genre of music, there is bound to be someone outstanding. That applies to hip-hop, even though it might not be everyone's cup of tea.

Personally, I do not fancy hip-hop. But I do not second the sentiment that as long as you are listening to hip-hop or 5566, you are dumb.
Those people might not have been exposed to metal, or anything related. And the only music that they can get their hands on are hip-hop and all on MTV, local radio, and we cannot really blame them.

Sure, we may have discovered the wonderful gift of metal, and that is supremely wonderful. However, we should also keep an open mind to other genres.
To me, there is no such thing as being too cool, too 'metal' or too underground to listen to mainstream. It would be hypocritical to do, as we would be mirroring the actions of those hip-hoppers/Chinese boybands hard-liners we so abhor.
We do not need to fancy everything, but we should maintain a measure of respect for all.
Paynk, it is interesting that you associate the dress with the music HipHop.

For me, I listen to everything and anything. Why? Because they are all music to me. Yes, I do have preference but I do not dislike, I just like some better.

Usually, when i hear something new, I will analyse it.

1. How is the overall production?
Is this a new sound? Is there any production technique or recording technique that is interesting?

2. How is the music production?
Is the music 'cutting edge'? Or is it the same as what the others are already doing.

3. Music quality
Is the arrangement good? Is the musician good? Is the singing good?

We can map the HipHop beats to something like a Tango and we get a totally new sound. Or we can use some of the sonic palette in a movie soundtrack and give it a subtle upbeat feel.

Not wanting to listen to other genre of music is like not wanting to try different types of food. We as the cook, should be open minded and willing to explore.

* There are MANY REAL music in singapore :wink:
Hip hop is not all about rap and 50 cent all that.
In american hip hop is the life of blacks there.
We're not in america so we don't understand what hip hop really is in there.
But about the singapore one lah.
I agree that they waste money on blings2 and don't even have a crew or dance club.
I just wanted to see if there's any good things in Hip-Hop that I failed to see. Well I guess I related it too much with MTV cuz I on the TV and I see 50c. So it came to me as one whole impression and not too impressive. Remember the woman in pink in Candy Shop's MV. Haha, looks commercialized. Well maybe I know too little about Hip-Hop cuz I don't really listen to it so guess the people who do listen to Hip-Hop can tell me more..
I still think that Asians dressing like blacks looks ridiculous. The oversized basketball singlets/ shirts/ bermudas, the high cut basket ball shoes etc.
You get the picture?
Phil, so how should Asian dress? Or Singaporean in particular.

Does Singapore have a traditional dress code? It is like when you watch a Miss Universe contest. Most of the girls will wear their country's traditional dress but when it come to Miss Singapore, they never fail to amaze me with a "new" design every time.

Translate that to the music aspect.
I think Phil's grouse is with pple who try too hard to 'look' a certain genre.
hiphop is in the heart.
rock is in the heart.

you don't have to make such a big show abt it.
I actually like listening to 50 cent from time to time .. Who takes music that seriously anyway? His music makes me feel good cause i like his beats, what's wrong with that ... Of course i'd choose metal over it any day, but after listening to metal music for like 10 years you tend to need to let your ears rest every now and then.
if u need to 'rest' ur ears from rock n metal once in a while,listen to JAZZ...
much,much,MUCH more meaningfulthan listening to a 50 cent coin!!!
In my opinion, everything's dandy as long as you do not take it to such dizzying heights.
Take the skinheads for another example, leather boots, leather jacket slapped with more patches of punk insignias than I can count, leather pants, skin-headed and of course, chains galore.
For certain, you are trying to show that you are different, unique. But it just does not sit that well with me.
Once again, in my opinion, you do not really have to try so hard to look like someone else.

haha actually hip hop to me is quite cool la...juz tt dun understand y they waste so much money on those blings blings...