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  • Hello, my band is currently slowly writing originals. We believe the best form of live music is rock. However, i love to listen and make music that sounds like Muse, born ruffians, foals, etc.

    This is where you can hear our originals made so far: http://www.noisesingapore.com/theart...detail/id/4082

    My ideal goal for myself is to be able to perform originals full-time, so it doesn't matter if i'm with a band or not, or if i'm in singapore or elsewhere. My drummer is still unsure of what he wants though but at the moment he is willing to tag along with me taking charge of ours and my musical direction. I definitely want us to progress and will make sure we progress. I will not give up. I may not know exactly how to go about getting to the ideal but i know i can learn and will be able find ways as i progress.

    (HP): 97952540
    omg sooo sorry for the late late reply. just finished exams only. anyway, im in school of business, year 2 when school starts. what music do u guys usually play??
    btw message me at 93831287 instead. Will be more convinient.
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