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  • Hi coolguitarpedals,

    I got it from TYMC.

    Drop by and have a chat with CK and Augustine, they can bring in Edwards for you.

    Furthermore, they are just a pleasure to deal with. They'll take good care of you.
    hey bro, i saw your post that you have an Edwards jimmy page relic. well can i ask where do you purchase it? i am looking for the SRV edwards relic version that is similar to yours
    Hey Phil, Can you Come Online on a messenger, so that we cud chat, i wanna clear many doubts and wanna have so much info, plz, thanx!
    Hey Phil,

    THis is Sukrit from India, i actually wanted to buy an electric Squier Fender Guitar and since my cousin(staying in Singapore) told me you get cheap guitars there I was interested in buyin it from there...please tell me @ what price would you get a Fender Squire Obey HSS Strat? plz URGENT!
    Sorry for the late reply, didn't know there was a message here.

    You might consider a clean boost for pure volume increment for solos, or even a volume pedal. But do not limit yourself to just Boss pedals!
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