25 with a voice, a poetic lyricist in search of musicians on my wavelength


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25 with a voice, a poetic lyricist in search of musicians on my wavelength, to partner with producers and composers/songwriters, as well as to perform in gigs and jamming (out of work and have a lot of time and tunes to spare)

I hate introductions, especially on the internet, and with the likelihood that no one other than me will read this but...kayden jio-ed me after listening to my voice and being a cheerleader....sooo here goes;

I'm a curious case of musician (April, 25), with an eclectic palette in music (which makes it pretty challenging to meet anyone with a similar alignment in musical sensibilities)

This is a playlist of music I am inspired by;

And music that comforts me;

If I were to describe my influences,
In my approach to/philosophy about music, I'm very much an improviser—visualise 1920-50 improvisation jazz bands, where a vocalist would just sit down with her band (and perhaps a friend) and record an album from what they make on the spot in a studio session

I love good lyricism, and complex instrumentation (polyphonic, counterpoint) rather than simple chordal progressions—across genres; Alternative Indie (Lorde, Lana Del Rey, FKA Twigs, sunwoojunga, Waa Wei, 华晨宇,Park Hyo Shin, Stella Jang), Contemporary Musical Theatre (Jason Robert Brown's The Last Five Years, Stephen Shwartz's Wicked, Stephen Flaherty/Lynn Aherns's Anastasia, Anaïs Mitchell's Hadestown, Bandstand, Kristin Chenoweth), Early 1920-50's Swing Jazz (Doris Day, Nat King Cole, Arthur Shaw,

And I love putting together playlists that have a thematic progression and storytelling. If you read the titles in order, it intentionally tells another story. This one starts off with songs about beginning the day, the excitement of finding a kindred soul, the hope and sorrow of meetings and partings, of chasing hopes and dreams. Then songs about the FOUR SEASONS (in order), of BELONGING & VULNERABILITY, of LONELINESS & FINDING YOURSELF, then songs about RAIN, about TAKING LIFE ONE STEP AT A TIME (Breathing, Insomnia/Sleep), then COLOURS, about NIGHT (Goodnight Wishes/thoughts you have when you cannot sleep), I'M HERE FOR YOU (You are not alone, and there is hope that tomorrow will greet you warmly)

Whalien 🐋
(it's about 51h long, aka 3-5 days of continuous listening)


I'm a vocalist (soprano soloist) with extensive performance experience, a lyricist (working on original music and searching for a songwriting/composition partner), as well as a (albeit struggling) pianist. My range is C3-B5, and I used to be a seasoned higher soprano soloist, with classical (opera) and contemporary (musical theatre) training—meaning my technique and breath control is decent

I can sing in primarily three languages; English, Mandarin and Korean...that being said, since I used to sing in almost 8 different languages in the choir through pure memorisation, I can essentially sing in any language, if you give me sufficient time to familiarise myself with the linguistics and intonation as well as memorise the lyrics.
**for reference, in a choral season, we would learn and perform around 10 pieces (6-10mins in duration), in at least 3 languages, and as a soloist as well (my vocal chords have quite the stamina)**

I have several vocal stylings, across various genres with a ethereal higher register glissando, versatile in vocalisation and a natural ear for harmonisation and musical interpretation


In terms of what my ambitions are; I don't think I have any fixed idea of who I want—if you listen to my voice and music, and vibe with my inklinations and philosophy about music making, just feel free to send me a text on WhatsApp (84681255) or Telegram (@a1p7r8r9l7c9), or email me at eugienetklarra@gmail.com

I would love to meet people who would love to make music together, as well as people who would love to wrote original music together. In the Dropbox folder, you would see a document in which I've attached the completely original lyrics (written over instrumentals) which I've currently been working on;

a letter to the moon
Wanderer's Waltz
To bid farewell to what is not
Daughter of Time

And rewrites;
I Remember You
Hushabye Mountain

I've lot of incomplete song scraps in storage (both lyrics and melody), so just excited to be able to develop them with the people that I will meet here on SOFT

*May* you find the joy you seek as you get through the week!