What does singapore music need?


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Hey guys, I'm a journalist writing a feature story on the singapore music scene.

What do you people think is lacking/needed for it to really expand? Government aid or laws, maybe?

In other countries, it is a law for radio stations to have a certain percentage of their programming dedicated to local music. Is that what we need? Anything else?

Pls leave your real name and you age so I can quote you.

evilronin, what's your name and which publication are you writing for?
evilronin, we simply need the people's support, full stop. 9.33FM doesn't have that kinda "quota" nor rules. stepanie sun and huang yida's albums still sells like hotcakes.
Hmm I would say that the local talent need is its local supporters have the acceptance of diversity. Let the band be playing Pop Punk, Emo Rock, Brutal Death Grind or what so have you. If the masses has a certain appreciation for something they have never heard before then that to me is a good start for a long run. :?
singapore probably have all the music we need already. now what we need, is open minded audiences! i almost hit my friend when i let him listen to some sepultura and he laughed at max's vox. and how ppl think metal is just plain noise.
got 2 agree with nak...ppl have a bad impression on metal music...they should appreciate it more n listen 2 the songs more carefully..there's a story behind every song
The lack of media support is the main problem. We can see that from the fact that the contestants from Spore Idol and Project Superstar becomin household names overnight, all due to the huge media exposure they have.

Record companies usually don dare to take risks with local musicians, and so if u don play pop, its gonna be worse, as non-pop music isn't that popular with people here. Secondly I notice that the record companies aren't that confident of the local market too, if u look at stefanie sun, huang yida and any other mandarin pop stars, they are marketed in taiwan first before being marketed here. Obviously this shows that they feek that the market here is too small, and probably believe the fact that when it comes to listening to music, Singaporeans are like a bunch of sheep, following trends from overseas. We have this mentality of "If they are famous overseas, they must sound good". And thus this overseas marketing employed by the record companies.
i feel what we need is an hour (or more!) slot on radio to play local music only. sort of like a local music specific hour. and the music played have to be diverse and covers all genres of local music (punk, funk, metal, reggae, etc) and not only pop. i do not know if we have that already coz i don't tune to the radio too often. but still, i feel its not so easy to get sponsors for that...

another way is having local music podcasts like what Smallfry is doing. (i'm waiting for another 'release' from them!) and i read at one thread that Aging Youth is coming up with one too! hail both of u!!! but still, will SOFTies or 'other music lovers' support these podcasts? hmmmmmm...

abt the taiwan market, i duno abt that man... u guys remember/know of the local band Chou Pi Jiang? they've performed a number of times in Taiwan, and i guess they might have a following there. they don't play 'lite music'. they play something like Linkin' Park. (i see sniggers/frowns/smirks there!) with riffing, rapping, scratching... well, maybe that is a bit commercial now, but still.
Talent among the local record labels and media. They don't bother with grooming potential talent, all they care about is profitability. I hate the judges and the objectives of Singapore Idol, pure BS. There are a lot of gd stuff out there, they just need the right platform and push to become successful.

Also need you and me. It needs me more than you however. :lol:
I just ate my lunch and my brain is finally functioning well. I concluded that it was an error... :lol:

It needs you guys more than me, seriously. Like what many ppl have stated, it needs an independent and free outlet between musicians and their listeners. But the attitude of listeners has to change. If we continue to stereotype Singaporean bands and musicians as crap, it will never go anywhere.

Just j/king about that "me"... My humour is damn weird, thanks to Bumblefoot and IA... Zappa-inspired/influenced guys lol.
i do think what local music needed is to upgrade ourself musically. as you know not everybody likes the same thing. and sadly, we local musicians are being compare to oversea artiste from their international release. just put a example, if you like progressive rock, and there's 2 CD release at the same time, a new aphelion(local progressive rock) album and a new dream theater album, and you only got the money to buy one..... which one would you buy?
i do think radio and media in singapore is giving their support when they can already. i mean i always heard ronin and electrico song nowsaday. i think Radio would only play good music which production is decent enough. i mean how many people would switch to other station if you hear some digital peaking and noises in the radio. :) IMOH.
anyway, Chou Pi Jiang just recorded a track for Royston Tan new features call 4:30 . :)