Songwriting: Are u an Architect or Engineer?


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Architect or Engineer?

what is the difference when it comes to songwriting?

we talk about melody construction here.

Architect have a good grasp of the genres of music... and like the real Architects in drawing,
we conceptualize the melody inside our brain. This is what we in the 80s, 90s, do, without the help of any software, just by the data of songs we listened to on radio and tv.

Engineers, on the other hand, primarily use softwares or sythesizers to create their music. They open their computers and start layering instruments and through trial & error create loops, then verses... most youth today who are internet savvy are engineers in songwriting. Some use hardware like guitar, drums, cajon, piano, violin to create songs. They then document on paper or text in laptop.

how would songs constructed by Architects and Engineers differ?

In real construction work, Architects study all kinds of building designs and thus have memory of how the different "genres" of building in different civilizations would look like. When they start penciling, it all boils down to their flow of thoughts. Architects are good at key-change in songs, and also creating duets.

Engineers, on the other hand, are more concerned on the mathematics of construction. Everything must be properly calibrated.
Music created by engineers are usually quite progressive, with loops and predictable chord progression.

I wont say which type is better, because both have their places in music. The World need both Engineers & Architects to spin creations. I am only sharing that if you think you have been doing music a certain way, perhaps you can step into the "other domain" and see how things go.

Just for me, a musician for as long as Jay Chou is, I might one day step into Politics if my income cannot buy me enough good food. I would want that Minister's pay, for goodness sake !

And i shall create a position called "Full-time Busker" for Singapore Citizens only, who will be paid a basic salary (perhaps sgd800/- for a start, and you can keep your earnings), condition is that you must have a certain competency, busk with a musical instrument and cannot moonlighting other jobs... LOL

I will also give citizens an annual sgd88/- angbao to buy online music, if i am elected.

Cheers! (only in my dreams...)

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Hola @lantianyu

Most of today's music is already a repetition of patterns, chords, sounds, melodies, styles ... of the usual hit songs to ensure a minimum of sales ...
But there are free creators who build with their own measures, different measures? that scientists are checking with the universe ... Of course, those creators will not earn money in a musical world so structured and tightly closed to any change or risk ...
Apart from all this rant, I wish you luck with your imagination.

Mora Amaro La Loba
Today i was in a public library reading the Sunday 19/1/20 Wanbao...

Lyricist Xiaoham followed up my topic of discussion with her version...

She and her friends talked about webdesign, whether design or engineering is more important... and concluded that nowdays, webdesigners are "going backwards" in design interface so that Laymen can navigate with ease.

Across different industries, the importance of the roles of Architect (designer) vs Engineer would vary.

example A: Fashion

Most Tailors already know how to engineer a dress, but it takes good designers to make a fashion range ATAS.

example B: Food

Most hawkers are now trying to improve their marketing on new dishes.
But to eaters like us, if a dish is inedible, we will not return no matter how good it looks.

In music, engineers like G.E.M 邓紫棋 uses loops and raps to create most of her compositions, and they sell like hotcakes.
Marcus is right. The current Era is copy & paste. Why bother to waste time on creativity like Sky LAN when you can take the easy way out and make quick cash?

I still insist on a certain level of QC in my music creations, though.
Not that I do not need the $$$, but i am used to doing ODD JOBS to supplement my income all these years.
In the process of taking up different jobs like 7-11 cashiering or sales promoter, the many different people I met have injected me with new ideas that help me produce great music.

A true musician's life is not like a Singapore-politician, making people contented and taking high pay by legit.
We have to earn our living yet maintain our dignity, despite the mocks from people we loved, at times...

I wish all young musicians not born with silver spoon, a strong will, never to give up no matter how tough the walk is.

Remember, The Force is always with you.

^ ^

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