Looking to form a Blues/Jazz/Soul Band.


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Hello Beautiful People!
I am Madhav and I love Blues/Jazz and Soul Music. My inspirations are BB King, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse to name a few.
I am looking to form a Band with the idea of playing Blues/Jazz/Soul music. I am a vocalist. I invite fellow musicians to join.

To be able to perform Gigs

1. Build a repertoire of at least 20-30 Songs.
  • Start practising with the list of 3-4 songs a week. Initial idea is to create covers not copy, which means some improvisation/uniqueness/flavour. If the songs are too technicaly difficult, we will create a simple version of it. Simple yet sounds beautiful.
  • Once we have 10 songs prepared. We can start adding some originals. I have some songs which I will bring later.

What Kinda folks I am looking for
1. Anyone but absolute beginners. Also should be able to commit to playing on weekends or 1-2 times in a week.
2. Someone who is open to changes and improvising.
3. Someone who understands the role of dynamics in music and can play quiet and loud both.
4. And Most important, you gotta have Soul to play Soul.

Song list to prepare for First Jamming Session
1. Thrill is gone BB King
2. Cocaine Eric Clapton
3. Back to Black Amy Winehouse
4. What a wonderful world(Louis Armstrong)
5. Roadhouse Blues(The Doors)
6. Knocking on Heaven's door(Bob Dylan version)

If the requirements sounds Vague then you are right, they are. But if you understand them and are able to relate to them, hit me up

Reach out to me on telegram @MadLadSings
Update on the situation here. Managed to Secure
1. Guitarist(Freddie)
2. Keyboardist/Backgorund Vocals(Lisa)
3. Vocalist(Myself)

Need a Basist and Drummer and then we are good to go.
Need a Bassist urgently. Plz reach out to me on telegram @MadLadSings.

Update on this one here. We have a session coming on this Saturday 20 Apr from 12-2pm. We have following Band members
1. Vocalist
2. Guitarist
3. Drummer
4. Keyboardist/Background Vocals

Good to have another guitarist(preferably rhythm).

List of Songs for this week are

1. BB King Thrill is gone

2. Superstition Stevie Wonders

3. Cocaine by Eric Clapton

4. Hooch Coochie Man

5. I put a spell on you