Wat model of RG is this

Sorry for hijacking thread, but my guitar is a low end model from davis, just wondering, is the humbucker (HSS) F-spaced? whats F-spaced anyway?
Hmm, i don't mean anything man, but don't you find the INF pickups lacking? And muddy when driven hard?
Re: *uGh*

neuro182 said:
Wow.. PowerSound *uGh* I guess I have to hold onto it until I save up to buy a INF pups.

em... save your precious $$$ & get non-Ibanez pickups instead (Dimarzio/ Duncan/ EMG/ etc). i did away with the INF pickups from my Ibanez RG321 & have been much happy since then 8) you want my INF pickups? PM me...
Floyd Rose Spaced

F-spaced = Floyd Rose spaced

Bec pups for Floyd Rose or Licensed Floyd Rose guit spacing is slightly diff, abit bigger if im not wrong.

Someone pls help BlackMoo out too.
the poles alignment for f-spacing pickup is slightly bigger den norm spacing pickup..tone wise it doesnt makes a huge diff..do a search and u can find more threads regarding f-space pickups :wink:
WOW ... how much is this RG ? drooling man ... kekekekeke

mind me asking, how about that ibanez GRG270JE package ? selling in sweelee ? (cost $580/-)

Woot!?! I personally like the sound of it. Maybe I haven heard of better ones, but well I prefer to learn along the way :) Thanks for the advice haha *greatly appreciated*
simple for me :-

Clean : Clear & not muddy cuz I do lotsa picking & sliding.

Dirty : When palm-muted, e sound not so chunky, but more bassified. When performing some solo riffs, can cut through the rest & sustain.