Children’s Haiku Garden


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Hi everyone, I wanted to write a post about something that has been eluding me. I joined this forum because of a bit of a hunt I've been on. Over the past few weeks, on and off, I've been trying to get my hands on the EP/Demo 'Children’s Haiku Garden' by aspidistrafly. I've scoured countless websites and even sent the occasional email to someone about it, but I'm close to my last resort. You might be wondering, "Why not just contact them directly?" Well, that is my last resort, but I feel somewhat disingenuous about reaching out to them directly. I would feel better about finding it elsewhere first. Since this is the last place I have to ask anyone, does anyone potentially have a copy of this saved or possess it physically?

The main reason I've been on this hunt is because it's considered to be lost. I've only found traces of it from an old blog post, a few older interviews, and this forum. So, I ask again if anyone has a copy of this or even another lead. I apologize if this post is out of the ordinary. Thank you.