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Thinking of getting a Vox wah, anyone know how much it costs? Looks really cool to me. Heard that it's not true-bypass but you can download the schmetic to mod it for true-bypass.
Read that it's battery powered only.. anyone who has this wah here? Can tell me how a single battery lasts?


chanmin...for ur VOX wah, did the guy you bought from mod anything else other than for the true bypass and stuff? thinking of replacing some of the hardwares to get a better and wider tonal response...
erm.. he did put in a fasal inductor... but it just sounds abit more nasal... to my ears kinda sounds like abit more WuuAAAH. but thats optional i guess...original sounds nice already.
saves you money from batteries..

Mine's on adapter too. Decided it was too troublesome changing batteries each time, having to remove the 4 rubber screws just to get the plate off. Not ideal if something happens during a performance.
ive never bothered to try it with a battery ..its simply too troublesome... must unscrew and all... i bought my vox wah...second hand.. with mods done... it cost me about $190.
I know wakemeupmusic used to do it for $40 including a 3-way switch for various wah settings like "white room", "voodoo chile" etc....

Not sure if they still do it, but i'm thinking of sending my vox wah down for that mod.

My vox 847 cost me $120 second hand, in case u were wondering.

I don't do the 3 way switch mods these days but I still do true bypass, power supply as well as inductor upgrade. I have the yellow and reds.

oh and there are always freebies that comes with mods. :)

audioslave said:
and no hype abt what fascal inductor or what ever

I hate to sound like I'm picking on you but whats just an overhyped product may be another man's holy grail of tone.

Little things can constitute to a huge difference in tone. Like setting your amp's treble at 5 or 6? Big diff there. The fascal inductors have their followers and they swear by them.
audioslave said:
i do it .... cost mi 20 buck....

servicing charge 10....

and no hype abt what fascal inductor or what ever

wah audioslave! you do mods also!

I tot you were dead against modding pedals?

and btw.

Its called

I personally find the Vox 847 pedal more vocal than the Crybaby counterpart. The only drawback is the lack of true bypass.

I got my true bypass done with a Carling DPDT switch (thanks to Randolf for that) and I've changed stock resistors and capacitors to

increase the vocals

more bass response and gain

increasing the sweep by a lil'bit

and adding more mids.

The final mod is not done yet as I'm still looking to get an ICAR or a halo inductor for a good price. However, the tone of my 847 after my inital mods is absolutely amazing! It retains the vintage tone and it sounds close to the McCoy and imo blows the stock crybaby away! Very different from my stock v847.

If anyone is interested in a sound sample, feel free to send me a pm.

Hope that helps.