Vox Night Train (All Valve Guitar Amplifier NT15H-G2 15-Watt -Head Only)


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The Vox Night Train NT15H-G2 valve amplifier is at home on any stage or in any studio. You've got classic Vox clean and overdrive tones, plus modern high-gain sounds for maximum versatility. Part of the second generation of Vox's Night Train NT15H-G2 Series, the Night Train NT15H-G2 now boasts built-in high-quality reverb.

The 15-watt all-valve design packs a punch, with rich tone that's exceptionally responsive to your playing style. For powerful tone shaping, you've got the popular "Thick" switch that gives you more flexibility than standard tone controls.

-All valve design brings you classic Vox tone
-Familiar Vox EQ controls plus Thick switch
-Black metallic finish looks cool on stage

While the Vox Night Train NT15H-G2 brings a new look to the Vox line, you can expect nothing but true Vox tone. Thanks to its EL84 power amplifier valve pair and 12AX7 preamplifier valve pair, the Vox Night Train NT15H-G2 features the same winning valve complement as Vox's classic AC15.
Bring the Night Train NT15H-G2 everywhere from chime-like clean tones to warm overdrives - you'll love its signature, harmonically rich valve tone.

Familiar Vox EQ controls plus Thick switch

The Night Train NT15H-G2's panel gives you Vox's usual complement of controls, including Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls. Plus, the preamplifier section also features a Thick mode switch for extra tonal variety. The Thick switch bypasses the tone circuit in the Bright channel to boost the gain and call up a chunkier, heavier sound.

Black metallic finish looks cool on stage

The second generation of Vox's Night Train Series amplifiers boast a cool black metallic mirror finish, and the combo and cabinets have a rounded retro look. They all sport suitcase-style handles to complete the look.

-All-valve 15-watt amplifier head sports classic Vox tone along with modern high-gain sounds
-Three 12AX7 preamp valve and two EL84 power valve gives you the same tone-packed design as the legendary AC15
-Thick switch gives the gain a boost for hotter overdriven sounds
-Two channels: Bright for classic Vox tone, Girth for modern tone
-Cool black metallic mirror finish looks great on stage

Amp is fully serviced and ready to go.
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