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walau wei.. kanah fly kite by this guy aaroncheng. who said wanna sell me a pickguard, ask me to meet at clementi mrt, i went all the way there waited 1 hr, then call him who never on his hp, then msg me "i think i meet you tomorrow" after 1 hr of waiting. ! freaking pissed off! never inform me earlier.! tried to call him after his msg my phone to ask what happen and he just dun dare to pick up my call! keep hanging up! what an asshole.
that really sucks.. i've been played out by people too before, you're not the first. well, lesson learnt, next time confirm and double confirm before heading down to meet that person :)
Greetings, flyclassic. Slandering someone on an INTERNET forum like this, isn't the most appropriate thing to do. Sure he flew your kite and all, but I believe your personal affairs should be settled in private.

Starting a thread on him and exposing names,won't help.In fact, it might even get worse. What would he think about you then? He could have been really busy.

Use the productive energy to sort something out with him. Sorry bro, but just don't rant off on an internet forum, where people frequent, like this. Perhaps the dude was truly busy. Theres always 2 sides to every story.

Something must have cropped up. Arrange another meeting if the buyer/seller still wish to trade, ensuring contact.

purpose is let people learn my lesson learned.......
hehehe.. anyway, wat's gotta do with errands.. wahahahhaa damn crap sial.. funny!
its ok flyclassic, to me, such posts are acceptable, as long as they are fair. I know it must suck for u to wait in vain like that. :?
Common sense here bro, if you're meeting someone, set aside a few minutes, give a grace peroid if hes late. Don't wait for an hour.

For me, if someone were meeting me, and were late for 15 mins, and doesen't answer the phone, thats it. Why put your life on hold for another person?Unless its really important, I woulden't wait him/her out.

Time and tide waits for no man.
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

ok ok ok..point taken...no need to argue..it`s sumone else`s prob...he had a bad day...nvm....

:lol: :lol: :lol:

peace ok?????

okay okay..... blackmoo let's say i've more patience? i am thinking perhaps he overslept or something as since i'm already there from far, so i waited more than 15mins, u can say i stupid.. but my point is not here for you to shoot me..
There IS something to learn from this. Responsibility on the part of both the buyer and seller. To make an effort to ensure that communication channels are open.

Theres always 2 sides to every story.

Yes, and i'd love to see aaron provide an explanation before anyone shoots his/her mouth off.
actually already double confirm yesterday night, and i did call him and msg him before i go, thought he was busy and might be on his way there.... no replies .......... AIYA ANYWAY, let's not talk about it anymore heeeeeeeeeheeeeeee.. thanks for allowing me letting my grievances out..!
yeah I also kena play out once b4...some dude didnt show when I was supposed to buy his strat...abt a week later he ask me come down again...I came, saw his axe, then turned him down...

shit happens man... 8)