WTS: OX4 Peter Green Rollin' Man PAFs Pickups, Aged Nickel, BNIB, Handmade in UK


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When it comes to boutique, aftermarket PAFs for your Gibson Les Paul – this is among the crème de la crème.
It comes down to Wizz, Mojos, Monty's, Throbak and of course, OX4 by Mark Stow who hand-wires everything himself in Oxford, UK (hence the name).

Inspired by the out-of-phase magic of Peter Green's Les Paul 1959 burst, these Rollin' Man PAFs are Mark's latest creations.
The last time he made these in a batch of 28 sold out immediately.

What sets these apart is that Mark spent 2 whole days playing, listening and understanding the actual Greeny (the real thang) before it was sold to Kirk Hammett.
How he managed this I'll never know, feel free to email him to find out more.

With that knowledge and experience, these are Mark's spot-on recreation of Peter Green's tone.
It's has all the magic of the vintage low-wind PAFs – amazing clarity yet still open and powerful – and these are a little rounder and fatter and more organic sounding.

And of course, the neck pickup is magnetically out-of-phase.
So when you hit the middle position – you get the iconic out-of-phase Peter Green, Black Magic Woman tone.
Otherwise, everything is as you'd expect in the neck and bridge position. Pure vintage PAF "tele on steroids" tonal bliss.

These are brand-new in box and never been wired.
I ordered 2 sets and this is an extra. Plans change so I'm letting this go.
Immediate stock, skip the usual 4-6 week wait time for Mark to build it and then another 2 weeks for shipping.

Gorgeous aged nickel finish to match your VOS R8, R9 or R0.
Get this now and attain tonal nirvana.

For more details:

• Brand new in box, never wired
• Hand-built by Mark Stow
• Get that black magical Peter Green tone
• Mark based this off his hands-on experience with Greeny itself
• Aged nickel covers and finish
• Hand-wired and handmade in the UK
• Comes as a set (neck and bridge)
• Neck is magnetically out-of-phase
• Can deal immediately, don't need to wait for stock
Got too excited about the pickups, and forgot the most important bits.

• Yours for 449 only
• Paid $525 for it including shipping
• No wait, no delay, get it now
• Text me at 9272 503-TWO