Russian guitars

Would you accept a Russian Axe as part of your gear?

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Greetings to all,

Here's a site dedicated to guitars made from the Eastern Communist bloc, including those from the previous Soviet Union, in the days when the Iron Curtain was present (meaning a time of dictatorship and oppression lah). While we are able to worry about how our guitars fare in quality and tone, grouse about how sucky we think our gear is, these youngsters in Russia do not have much choice on their gear. Heck they even have guitars with built in effects!!

Just an example of the 'USSR' guitars

A single ideology can do so much... For those who remember secondary school Communism History... they never mentioned what effects they had on their musical instruments!

Haha they also have a Russian Effects Pedals column where they showcase effects that "were probably the lowest quality mass production effect units you could find".

so maybe kickback, think about it, thank God that we have what we have, and maybe return to our GAS the next day lah. : :smt080
actually for that price of below a $100. i really really really don't mind buying it just to hang on my wall. i think they make really mean shapes though, and if the gutiar falls off the wall, no worries! unbreakable stuff!
Haha some are almost like a tank... "Solidly" solid wood... heavy like what...

Still their russian Rock society still managed to thrive with these fundamentals. there has been an article at the same site that says that Kramer Guitars is considering investing in Russia. That will be good place to start for them.
wyldeboon, think you can find some details on the site itself. If I'm not wrong there's this Studio 1525 that sells... Ebay is also another place.
Don't pity them la, I mean they are satisfied with it. It's really subjective, and relative.
The Tonikas were the first Soviet guitars.... Just like we had our "Frying Pan" guitars from Rickenbacker back then.... If you dun mind the un-playability lah!
Sorry for thread digging but I want a bloody MIR (MADE IN RUSSIA) guitar! Looks cool, sorry I'm in a total russophile phase right now thanks to Catharsis and Aria.

And no, I WON'T HOTROD IT, totally stock!