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Hi there, aspiring Guitarists!

I am currently extending in-takes for new students in my private 1-1 guitar classes. All musical experiences, backgrounds and age are welcomed, in fact, my current pool of students include beginner to advanced learners from all walks of life!
My mentorship is limited to 12 active students at any time to maintain close guidance while ensuring quality lessons for each of the students. As of posting, there are 4 more in-take slots available.

About Me:
I teach ELECTRIC/ACOUSTIC GUITAR from absolute Beginner onwards. Lessons are conducted at my home studio located at Choa Chu Kang/Bukit Panjang region.
I played the electric guitar for almost 18 years, with close to 12 years of teaching experience.
Performance experience includes community events, school gigs and mini showcases.
Listen to Pop, Retro-Rock, and blues music, with influences from John Mayer, Angus (ACDC), Dave (The Killers), Ed Sheeren and a host of guitar legends.
Music experience in Electric Guitar (main focus), Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards and music theory.

About the Lessons:
I develop my personal course materials through years of continuous refinement, based on personal education in music schools, performance experiences, acclaimed guitar syllabus (Musicians Institute, Guitar Masterclass, Yamaha, Rock School, etc) and observations from 12 years of teaching.
Lessons cover everything required to progress as a good guitarist, from music theory, equipment understanding, proper practice, exercises, techniques, improvisation, effects understanding, performance 101 to even recording. ***Materials are catered and prepared for every individual student, based on their skills and ability to deliver the most effective and engaging lessons suited for different individuals
Throughout the lessons, you have the flexibility of pin-pointing specific things you wish to learn, or focus on what you wish to achieve. Song requests are also welcomed for a well-rounded learning experience (in fact, you can learn alot through a song!)
THERE IS AN END TO MY LESSONS, and not an infinite string of lessons as one might think. At the end, you WILL acquire the passion for guitar playing, learn the proper techniques and skills to practice guitar, and continue to develop further as a guitarist YOURSELF! Just like in schools, you acquire the knowledge and attributes required for you to step out on your own and find your personal calling. I will teach and guide you to that end, and from there, continue to mentor to my best abilities as and when you require.

Other Notes:
I know many students seek flexibility and engaging lessons that are enjoyable. Ultimately, my goal is to keep you motivated and interested to learn more and willingly improve as a guitarist.
As for my students, I always urge them to practise and practise. It’s better to come prepared. My goal is to impart to you the knowledge and skills, jam together and inspire you, to equip you with the ability to practise, improve and explore at home. My aim is not to watch you practice the same scale throughout the whole lesson, which honestly wastes your money and make my job simple.
All my years of teaching experience in guitar concludes to one objective, which is to keep the student MOTIVATED! And that is what my lessons always aim to achieve.
To you aspiring guitarists, ALWAYS look for motivation to improve and keep your passion alive!

Lesson Equipments:
Proper, up-to-date Guitars and gear will be available for use.
Student may also bring their own guitar/effects if they prefer.
Lesson notes and practice backing tracks will be provided.

NEW! (Safety):
Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all equipment and studio are cleaned and disinfected after each lesson, with adherence to strict guidelines to wear masks while teaching.
Overhead camera surveillance is also present in studio to ensure safety of both students and teacher, and conducts are kept proper. Parents may opt-in to view real-time lesson commencement as well.

Lesson Fees:
$160 / mth for 4 lessons, each lasting an optimal duration of 1 hour.
- Payment made before lesson, per lesson or monthly
- Transaction preferably contactless via iBanking, Paynow or Paylah
(Flexibility of lesson re-schedules to accommodate your busy lifestyles)
Feel free to contact for more information and arrangements on lesson schedules with preferred day/time slot.

Rock on!


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