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  • yes!! We need to totally eradicate that clown!! it's evil, i tell you! it's all in his sinister life-less eyes....
    Should be ich weiss nicht.= I don't know. Well, go eat something nice. i'm feeling so full now & guilty too...i must learn to resist the temptations of McDonald's....somehw...haha
    Why do you love the dress, man?? it's so....normal...yup, i'm whacking away on unhealthy fries & fish burger what did you have? Reis? Oder nudeln? Brot?
    Nope, i'm Barney :) I'm the one on the right. The one not holding the camera..haha.I had blonde highlights in my pix?? i don't remember! haha...can't enlarge avatar right?
    Yea it's definitely a recipe for disaster having to use the com for work when you know very well how distractingly good the internet is...haha...oh thx! Which one do u think i am? Yes, i like the purple barney-look-alike dress too :) nice to be in the comfort of your home now..Wish i was home too. Oh i got a fillet-o-fish meal. Had lunch yet? You've gotta have alot of discipline to work from home i think. I know of many friends who've done it. They all got lazy..haha..
    Das ist toll! Gut, gut!! Glad that your performance thingy went well :) Now, it's cold, raining & I'm starving. Lucky got a colleague to buy Mc's for me...seems everyone's having that for lunch today. You at work now? Or home?
    ich bin sehr gut, danke! Und selbst? Ja, ich war nicht hungrig. Magst du Fussball? Nein? Haha...Das ist Ok. Ich will spät bei McDonald's essen. Yummy!! How was your weekend?
    Hallo mein Studentin! ich bin sehr glücklich weil auf Manchester United!! GLORY GLORY MAN UTD!!
    Hast du schon gegessen? ich habe gegessen brot. Du?
    Heya THOA!! Mein studentin! Wie geht es dir? Gut? Mir geht es gut. Ich bin kalt!! How's german coming along?
    It's ok. We all knew the language thingy was going to surface at some point or another. It's cool..we've still got visitor msgs! woooo! yeah written german is easy as hell. but spoken german takes practice, lots & lots of it. the ü sound is the hardest to master but after like 6mths i finally got the hang of it. it's not that hard. seriously :)
    Really? It's irritating pple meh? Hmm..nvm lah..we can learn here? Or Pm also can! U can also say "Vielen Dank". Hast du schon gefruehstueckt?
    yes you are not bad at all!! Wundeba! Keep it up! Viel spass! German is fun lah once you get the hang of it!
    Yeah, in all honesty, German grammar is the worst. This is usually the point where most learners will give up..I swear, i was going to give up too...then my friends told me to persevere on! I still get tricked by German grammar!! Idiot!
    No leh Thoa...cannot say ích nein hast...not correct german....nicht korrekt...ich jetzt zu essen gehen...bis bald!
    Hallo THOA! Was passiert? Ich will bald zu essen gehen. Sehr hungrig und durst. Was hast du gegessen?
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