Rock-Hiphop Collabo Gig anyone?


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A thought came to mind yesterday, and I would like to put it forward for the opinions of the good people here.

Is there a a Rock/Hiphop (or Hiphop/Rock, whichever you might call it) gig in SG? Or if someone were to organise one, would the rock or hiphop community be interested?

I know that in the states, a lot of concerts and free to air rock performance that involve a number of rock bands and performers also features rap and hiphop artiste too. It's great cos everyone listen to a good mix of music these days and with such gigs, you get to see the best of both worlds, so to speak.

The Singapore music industry is already so small in itself. And with the different kinds of scenes and genres making their own mini-world among themselves and being afraid to explore possibilities, the music scene here can only get so far. So what if such a gig is introduced here? At the very least, it will give a chance for the people in each scene to know one another through the music that the other do, and would hopefully pave the way to a very vibrant music industry which everyone will profit in the end.

Just a thought. Looking for opinions.
Sounds like a great idea. People with different music tastes mingling together. I have a sudden mental image of people wearing leather boots, jackets, heavy chains and all mixing with people wearing oversized baseball jerseys and blings blings and stuff. Lol. Kinda cute if you ask me.
It's always good to have more genres in the local music industry.

Yea, I had an image like candie as well.
The problem with a small industry is always the difficulty in funding and support problem. Commercially, if you have comglomolate who see these events as a platform to publicise their branding and products, then you can see the funding.

Do bear in mind, that although it sounds great as a plan, but to put it into action is not easy. The technical difference in equipment between hip hop and rock is quite a lot, so the setup is more complex. More complex will translate to more cost.

DIY concept can only be based on a minimalistic model to work on, no matter what you do. Again, you can't use a kid's toy to do a man's work. Imagine if you blow a pair of professional bass bin speakers and amps to go along, you are looking at a couple of thousands in repairs/replacement. Risk costing cannot be ignored, to ignore is to call your own demise.

Once you cover the above factors, then you need to working on pulling the crowd in and to maintain & grow the following. It's a long and ardious journey.

Think big, but start humbly small, be realistic and reasonable, have patience and perserverence, honesty is the best policy. Best of luck.
mike is definitely right. but the singapore hiphop collective, the beats society, have been organising something like that for months now in earshot. on top of showcasing young (and i mean young!) talent, they have had guest appearances by other members from local bands to participate in a rhyming competition.

might not be exactly what you would call a serious rock-hip-hop collaboration, but at least they're trying to bring the two groups together. have been thinking about trying it out for a while now, but mike's right, a lot of time needs to be taken in order for the two groups to come together to come out sounding at least decent.

would be good if we could find a way to do it though!
Well, there were some Korn/ Rage Agst The Machine-like bands in S'pore in the past. But that's like rock music with rapping over it.

DJ Ko Flow has his own unit, Ko Lab which a human beat-boxxer and a turntablist will alternate providing the beats. There will be samples scratched in to form rhythms and melodies. Rappers, a bassist, percussionist and prolly, a guitarist now will round off the line-up. Very interesting stuff. They function like a band but using samples, real instruments and voices to create live music.

And they will be playing in one of our events soon. :lol:
Points given are definitely valid. Mike has brought up some pretty good reality checks.

I think before all that could happen there has to be at least two parties of collective interested to make a change (one from hiphop and one from rock). Of course such an idea has it's pros and cons; each collective has it's own share of values, wants, identity and goals to live up to.

But if such values can mesh and form perfectly towards the same purpose, it could very well spearhead something really incredible here. Maybe market it as Singapore's very own underground Woodstock or Ozzfest? I dunno, but I guess that's too far fetched. *shrugs*

What I am trying to say is, I think we need to first have a few people who believe in it, at both sides of the scene. But does anyone believe in it strongly enough to take the step forward and gather together those people whom believe in it as much as he/she does? Are they willing to go through, like what Mike has said, " long and ardious journey"?

Personally, I do think that somewhere in the near future someone will, and before I lose my chance, I would like to salute them first.
imagine like, Ronin or some rock band and Parking Lot Pimp or some rap group doing Aerosmith's Walk This Way as a finale xD
Let me quote an example of PwerJam Semi final 2004. We had the semis for the first 3 hours and followed by hip-hop for the next 3 hours. No hip-hop fellas were at PowerJam and after which, all bands supporters left when the hip-hops came on.

Not sure how you guys make of this.
hmmmmm....rock plus hip hop...can nu-metal count as one good blend of both music culture??u the old linkin park or limp bizkit...haha...i personally think is pretty cool...though theres alot ppl out there dun like it alot
ItAcHi said:
hmmmmm....rock plus hip hop...can nu-metal count as one good blend of both music culture??u the old linkin park or limp bizkit...haha...i personally think is pretty cool...though theres alot ppl out there dun like it alot

Well why not?

We can have purely rock bands and purely hiphop bands and in between a few rap/nu-metal bands in between.

And as for the example on Powerjam to follow one form of music for three hours and then another form for three hours is ALREADY segragating two different groups, further enforcing and dividing the line between both genres.

But what if one rock band perform, followed by one hiphop, then rock then hiphop, and so on? Would the chances of people leaving off like that much greater or lower, or would it make no diff?
i dont think i would be a good idea.
there'll be bound to fights and arguments bet.
rockers and hip-hoppers.

if you do intend to make one.
maybe have a really secrured security?

2 cents.
You must be forgetting that this is Singapore ... Usually the people who attend stuff like these seem pretty tame if you ask me ..