4 Singaporeans playing prominent roles in global music and entertainment


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There is an article in the Straits Times by Eddino Abdul Hadi about 4 Singaporeans who are involved in the music business. Lenny Wee - music director for American music names such as J.Lo. Ruth Ling - general manager of RCA Records Greater China. Cher Ng - chief executive of Amber Lounge. Kala Charan - music composer in the Indian film industry. Very inspiring and I am sure they all worked very hard to be where they are. Ruth also mentioned two other Singaporeans who are working with her in the article - Kevin Foo (managing director) and Tat Tong (head of artists and repertoire).

Check out the article -> https://www.straitstimes.com/life/e...inent-roles-in-global-music-and-entertainment