Intermediate drummer looking for rock jam group/band!


New member
I'm new to the music and band scene, looking to get a little experience jamming & playing with others! I'm comfortable with most kinds of rock (j-rock, punk rock, alt-rock etc.) and pop!
Yo, im a bassist and am actually finding a drummer into jrock as well. You contact me through WhatsApp or telegram. My number is 82487093.
Wow nice.. I am keen to meet up and play some music too. I am mostly on drums but plays bass and guitar too. My genre are very diverse... from mostly Alt-rock, Jrock, 70-90s, Metal, Visual K to Thai Rock, Viet Rock.

I think we have a nice mix now... I do not mind going on guitar if you two are keen.
hey, are you guys still looking to form a band? Intermediate Guitarist here looking to form a band to write songs with and perform live; have experience with writing Smashing Pumpkins - Deftones kind-of songs but am keen to include other influences as well. Drop me a line at 93370436 if you guys are still looking!