Recommendations for 25-key midi controller


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hey all, was just wondering. do u have any recommendations for a 25-key midi controller? i'm a writer and keyboardist, and want a portable controller for recording purposes, like when i'm in school and all. yeah. any recommendations?

Alesis Photon X25

derrickkwa said:
hm...i read somewher (i think on harmony central) that m-audio controllers aren't as good? any thoughts on that?

Don't quote me, but other forums seem to think that the lower-key versions are OK. The main thing is they are also cheap. However, the 88 keys one (ie Keystation Pro 88 ) has some issues with it - I think that's where most of the controversies with preferences are. I personally have some gripes with the Keystation myself. There must be a reason why this year's Winter NAMM saw a lot of people using CME UF8 keyboards but hardly any M-audio 88 keys.

Bongman's suggestion of Alesis is also good - maybe they are more expensive?
hm..ok...where can i get the alesis? m-audio can be found at sinamex, rite? not sure abt where alesis ones can be found....

also, wad do u think of novation? and can they be found on singapore? from their website n reviews they seem good...but from teh pics, they seem a bit bigger than the alesis and m-audio...any comments?

Sinamex also brings in Alesis.

Don't know where to get Novation. When you said larger, you probably meant the Remote. Don't forget Remote has faders whereas the Oxygen 8 and Axiom of M-audio and the Photon 25 and X25 of Alesis don't have faders. Remote LE is smaller.

When you check out M-audio's Oxygen at Sinamex, don't forget that version 2 of Oxygen 8 is out.

And I'm wrong - the Alesis Photon 25 is not that expensive - $275 from Sinamex. You can compare the prices at Sinamex's website.
Keystation has no aftertouch. Ergonomics-wise, they could have improved slightly more by putting the controls on the left-hand side (but this is a small problem). It is lightweight - good for carrying but I feel I can break it easily if I drop it. Also, the key-bed doesn't feel very good - makes loud pounding noises if I play hard - again, feels like they won't last. They did solve some very silly issues with their second batch of Keystation (like raising the black keys slightly). Many complains that the velocity is not consistent which is a big problem for sequencing. Some has trouble hitting above 120, not to mention 127.

CME UF-8 has aftertouch; controls very well thought of (located on left side); heavy and not so nice to carry around but sturdy (aluminium built); I have not felt the keys but the keys come from the same batch as some GEM keyboards models (I believe the RP) - which are quite good. Also very good price. When the new CME VF series come out, it will definitely put M-audio's 88 keys in trouble. Can't wait to see their motorised faders!
Cheez said:
Alesis is also good - maybe they are more expensive?
yes, more expensive because more features; it has the Revolutionary Axyz Controller Dome with 3D control over audio effects and virtual instruments. This is something special.
derrickkwa, have you bought the 25 keys controller?

I wondering should I buy one 25 keys controller for similar use (for me when outside singapore)...

Just happen to come across this two model which quite portable (1.5kg, 450X220X28mm).

EDIROL PCR-1 (detail)

EDIROL PCR-M1 (detail)

Any comment on this 2 models (or others)?
Any local dealer carry EDIROL products?
but seriously, how to play with so few keys? do you have an existing keyboard already?
Already have S90ES.
But I can't bring it everywhere I go, right?

At least notebook & 25 keys controller can put inside my back pack.
900.0 X 254.2 X 83.4 mm can't be hide inside a normal back pack leh...
I a bit shy one... don't wanna cary a big bag & looks like a talented Musician (which I'm not :oops: )...

Even microX (606 x 226 x 80 mm) also smaller than X5D...
thanks for all the replies. i've read some good things about the novations from magazines and websites, apparently there's a dealer in singapore that sells novations. the x-station costs about $1200, and the remote sl costs abt $900 if i'm not wrong (both 25-key). i'm still considering, so advice will be appreciated. agree with mingguan there, rather have something that can fit in a backpack.

i'm actually considering the 37-key one from m-audio. the ozonic? yeah. the other ones from m-audio that interest me are axiom 25 and the ozone (but i understand that sinamex doesnt' carry that anymore?)

wld prefer something with audio i/o, that's y i'm looking at the x-station, ozonic n ozone. the axiom 25 seems cool, tho, with the weighted keys. yeah. wad r ur thoughts?

derrickkwa said:
...the x-station costs about $1200, and the remote sl costs abt $900 if i'm not wrong (both 25-key)...

so exp!!!

I browse thru some of the 25 keys model, mostly less than $500.