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hi every1. ive got this problem. my prs pickups r starting to have problems. in de beginning they sounded great but now they sound terrible.

neck pu: when strummed produces crackling sounds n sounds very muffled.

bridge pu: getting muddier n muddier n sound cuts off sumtimes.

any suggestions on wat to do? at first i thot it had to be my amp cos im using an ibanez tone blaster but when i tried a fender it gave similar results. thanks.
Try checking all the solder joints. Maybe one has come loose.

Aside from that, check if one of the pots are faulty or requires cleaning.
take your backplate out and use a contact cleaner and spray it on the solder joins. Besides that, you may wana see if the wiring is properly grounded. I suspect its not the pickup problem. You didn't really give a good picture of what kinda happened. So all we can do is guess. Also check the cable you're using.