POST Mortem: Marty Friedman clinic...


friends, what have you to say about the Marty Firedman clinic?

personally, i'd really like the organizer to address this oversight: why were there no microphones for the audience to speak to Marty? i see this as a great insult (intended or otherwise- hope the organizer makes their intentions clear here) to, firstly, the guitarist himself, who had to keep asking for people to speak up when the technology is clearly avaiable to rectify this oversight. secondly, to the audience- no respect for us who actually bought tickets to be there. how much did we pay for the Andy Timmons clinic? ZILCH & there was at least one mic there for us to communicate with the guitarist :roll:

before the clinic started, there was an announcement made- no photos/ videos allowed but there seemed to be a bloke there who i believed was a comissioned/ official photographer- that's the contradiction itself + he kept blocking everyone until a hostile member of the audience told him to go off & he promptly did. if that didn't happen, i would've personally done likewise & it would be more hostile than what's on show then... :roll:

lastly, the seats weren't labelled, even the seating plan held by the ushering personells had no such indicators. it's a reflection of how prepared the organizer was.

anyway, thank you Mr. Organizer sir, for bringing in a player of Marty's calibre, who showed everybody that it takes personal capacity above all else, to impress. i hope those who own boutique tube amps & exclusive American guitars, wouldn't tread a suicidal path after witnessing an attention grabbing performance by someone who plays a Korean guitar, hooked up to a solid state head, with no supplementary pedals in between. it's not a signal for you to repent your tube amp/ american guitar lifestyle, by all means, embrace anything & everything that works for you but Marty Friedman's clinic was a reality check. search your feelings, know it to be true...
subversion said:
embrace anything & everything that works for you but Marty Friedman's clinic was a reality check. search your feelings, know it to be true...

Haha! Your sense of melodrama and your lucid writing is cool, but I will say that honestly, I thought his tone was so-so. It might have been the acoustics of the hall, but the distorted riffing parts were pretty muddy without much definition.

Agree with most of your other comments though, especially the seating. The numbering was non-existent/stupid. I was supposed to be in A7. In the front row one seat was marked A9, then 2 seats to the left, it was C9. I was like WTF!? In the end it was a seating free-for-all. I feel I could have bought one of the cheapest tickets and just sat at the front anyway.

BTW - the axe Marty is playing - is it really made in Korea? It looks beautiful -only thing I don't like about it are the neck inlays.
hahah I was amused when a guy from the crowd slapped the photographer on the back.

it was a good show, but crappy venue (the room), the seats werent labelled and that was an issue.

Saw and met some softies and got my POSTER (note, not the $1 card, but the advertising poster that was in shop windows :p) and scratch plate signed and a photo :D

otherwise as a good night,except for the fact you couldnt take photos, but i still saw people taking them anyway, then an ibanez woman told them off but people were using their phones
Lost my concentration during the Megadeth medley when that Jap camerawoman did some leg crossing medley on the floor :oops:

Anyway, despite some oversights from the organizer, i truly enjoyed myself last night. Marty+SZ+solid state head = KICK ASS!!! 8)
I agree with you Sub. The whole thing reeked of amatuerism. Save for Marty of course, who was the model professional throughout. But I also concur with Vern, in that I felt Marty's tone was too distorted, and became muddy during riffing. But perhaps my close proximity to the stage had something to do with it.

I also noticed that the soundpeople kept raising the volume even after Marty frantically gestured 'down'. It's a schoolboy mistake which I felt was quite unforgivable.
Another thing I didn't like was having a SL staff onstage fiddling with the amps during the jams. Could there have been a better way?

it would have been nice to meet you Sub.
vernplum said:
Haha! Your sense of melodrama and your lucid writing is cool,.

there wasn't any intended melodrama, the last bit of your quote/ my comments, was from Episode III; blame them for the melancholy...

about Marty's tone- it was excellent (in perspective of course) considering that the rest who jammed with him- through the same set-up, sounded off league...

that SZ520 is a Korean model, in fact, all SZ models this 2005, are Korean... inlays? there's only one... (stretched over 3 fret spaces of course...).


the other version which features more inlays, isn't available here (SZ720):
Oh c'mon everyone knows how enthuastic Swee Lee is when it comes to music.
I think it was a low budget event so they also cut a lot of corners.
However I notice some independent local sound production companies are better than the major ones in terms of setting up and controlling the acoustics.
You can have a big name like Swee Lee organising it, but there can be an unheard company organising it and it is so much better than Swee Lee's style.
psionic + Colarndo, where were you sitting? didnt see you guys? or did you see me?
Marty mentioned something about performing at the Esplanade...wonder why we didn't hear anything about it.
hahahaha, i hope swee lee reads this and decides to stop bringing in anyone else so as to nt be criticised again. hahahaha.

dont bite the hand that feeds people...