WTS:MASTERBUILT Fender Custom Shop 1964 Stratocaster Closet Classic by Yuriy Shishkov

#60 of a limited run of 100.

Price at $10.5k

Built by the legendary Yuriy Shishkov.
A recreation of a 1964 L series transition era Strat in Olympic white. It has a 1965 logo on its headstock. All vintage specs, 7.25" radius and none of this 9.5 inch radius that we often see with vintage reissues.

Being a Closet Classic, it was as if it was bought and put in the cupboard and barely played. The Olympic White has more of a yellowish tint to it, replicating the oxidation that would have taken place over time. There are a few dings intelletionally done to show its age.

Rarely played, I went overseas for a period and brought my other strat with me.

If you were to order one from Yuriy now, the waiting time can be up to two years. He is a man in demand.

Unfortunately, I did add to Fender's relicing, and there are a few scratches and knocks.

This is rare. No lowballing, please. you are welcome to try the guitar at my place with my Fender tube amp, but please don't come without serious intentions with a price already set. I will provide more picture on request.

it comes with the Original Fender Custom Shop hardcase. The original COA was misplaced by Swee Lee, and I didn't know better when I first got it. I immediately emailed Fender and I have a COA signed by Yuriy, proving its authenticity.

It was set up by Luthier Malcolm Tan earlier this year to ensure its playability and intonation was spot on.

I can't remember if came with a Fender CS cable, some sites indicate yes, some no. I've included one anyway.

There is a Fender strap which came with the guitar that I never used.

Pm if only seriously interested.

The decision to put this on the market is difficult. I also have a Willcutt True 62, which I actually prefer... Instead of having to s style guitars, I hope possibly into customising a TA or Suhr offset.

@Nicholas.chee is my carousel link


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