SOLD WTS Tom Anderson Cobra

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I am probably the 3rd person who gotten this. I bought from a good friend of mine years ago for a good price. It has served me very well all these years.

I have changed the pickup to a Pete Thorn humbucker and as you can see from the picture, the finish has turned yellow and it’s been cracking throughout the years. I have email Tom and the reply was the yellow color could be due to sun/UV light exposure. And the cracking could be excess moisture or humidity. I believe the crack at the neck joint is the paint not the wood cos the tuning is still stable and no issues with the neck.

I have also uploaded the spec sheets and the original color of the guitar. The pots and switches are still working fine. I have changed the volume pots probably 2 years back. There is a Mateus Asato signature behind the headstock when he came few years back

I thought I should let it go to someone who can restore it and bring back its glory again.

Just selling the guitar, no bag included.

whatsapp: 936two10two0, chat for more pictures.

Meet up at cityhall mrt or sengkang mrt station




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