Refinished Vintage (1974) Fender Precision Bass (Black) for Sale or Trade (WTS/WTS)


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For those who are into vintage Fender (especially precision basses), you may want to offer me a cash offer for this 1974 Fender Precision Bass.

It was refinished (with proper checking and aging done), refretted and rewired expertly at Guitar Connection. Neck, body, tuners, pickups, pots, bridge, etc. are all originals. Pictures are below. You can text me for more. Viewing without buying obligation is welcomed. But I have no amps for you to try so I can come to your place if you have an amp.

I am open to trades too, especially a Tom Anderson, a Lipe, a Gibson Les Paul or a Music Man Sabre. Top-ups can be discussed.

If you are new to vintage Fender basses, here's a link you can browse through.

My number is 96304652.

Thanks for reading this post!

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