SOLD SALE Xotic XJ-1T Lightweight Bass

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The Xotic XJ-1T represents the apex of craftsmanship, quality and sound excellence. Each hand crafted instrument celebrates Xotic’s legacy through unparalleled precision, exceptional tone and attention to detail. Every bass is put together by seasoned builders in Japan, who blend expert craftsmanship with modern CNC technology to create each masterpiece. It is then shipped to Xotic California where a master luthier will inspect each instrument, with particular attention given to the instrument’s playability, tone, fit and finish. The end product is a perfect and precise instrument.


The lightweight series is a level up from the standard XJ-1T series, and is custom finished in the exquisite Electrum Metallic colour. The Ash body for the lightweight series is meticulously handpicked by master luthiers, to adhere to strict quality and weight control. You can rest assured that this bass is both light and resonant. Coupled with ultra low action and a comfortable neck, this bass will definitely bring your playing to the next level.


Stunning Electrum Metallic Colour beautifully paired with a Tortoise Pickguard. Fitted with the exclusive Xotic Pickups that gives it the enhanced vintage Jazz Bass tone. Intricately crafted wooden pickup covers fit the look of the bass perfectly.


Comes with a Hipshot B-Style Bridge that adds to the vintage vibe and tone. In addition, the string spacing on this bass is smaller at 18mm, compared to 19mm on the standard XJ-1T. This is perfect for smaller Asian hands.


From the makers of the famous Xotic Tri-logic preamp, comes the proprietary Xotic Onboard Bass Preamp that allows the player to enjoy a clean, musical and full-bodied active EQ and boost. Knob Controls are Volume (Push/Pull Active Passive), Blend, Tone, Bass, Mid and Treble.


Bass is in excellent condition with minimal wear that comes from light playing. No buckle rash or scuffs on the back of the body.


Maple neck and fingerboard for a bright, punchy, and snappy tone with fast response. Paired with Sadowsky Stainless Steel strings, the slap tone is out of this world:) Frets are still shiny and have lots of life left in them. Comes with gorgeous glow-in-the-dark luminlays that are only present in high end basses.


34” Neck that has a slimmer profile when compared to the standard XJ-1T model. This enables faster response and better playability. Also fitted with Hipshot Tuners that will hold the tuning for ages.


Comes with the Xotic Original Semi-Hard case (Similar to Mono style cases). Also has the certificate of authenticity and original documents.​

Demo Videos for the Xotic XJ-1T

This bass would cost more than $4000 brand new, but it is now available at an insane sale price of $2,688 for a limited time only. At this price, it gives you the best value for money when compared to the factory mass produced fenders/Ibanez/lakland that are in the same price range. Grab it fast while it lasts!:)

Preference will be a straight sale but I’m also open to trades with cash coming my way, so don’t hesitate to contact me at +65 nine two 32 one 2 four zero for more information.
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