New Ibanez Catalouge 2006 UPDATE!

i'm an ibanez fan!!! lover in fact. OF THEIR BASSES. =( sob. nobody update on the basses >.<

and swee lee is still taking forever to even gimme a quote on the price of a MIJ ibanez RD. grrraahh - irritated.

to those who put down the indo/chino made low end guitars: hey man the RG 321 is AWESOME for it's price! and the SA equivalent maybe just needs a little PUp mod... =)
unsane said:
snobbish as it might sound...there goes the quality of the lower end ibanezes once they become chinese/indo made...

shredcow are you looking for a HSS S-series?

not really. i've talked to the indo-321 owners, the standard is comparable. i'm still trying to find out if the chinese SAS models are handled by the people who give us the Artcore Customs, which are superb in craftsmanship.

Crispy: i'll update the RD prices by this weekend- promise 8)
subversion: hey dude i just got all my topic reply emails... what did u mean update RD prices? i'm not looking to buy the one they usually ship in... that's the RD 500, 505, 600... i want the 605!!! ROAR!!!


i might resort to ishibashi if they cant confirm asap. givin it one more week
the RD6XX models are regional exclusive- not a vaiable here, trying to find out if the 900/ 905 will make it here... 8)

the ones @ swee lee now are yesteryear's models. the current 06 version has thumb-wheel truss rod adjustments which IMO are a more thoughtful inclusion + the 900 series has more switching options integrated this year.
i dont fancy the 900 models tho, i like the colour of the 6XX series and the simplicity... the 900 looks like it's gonna cost more $ and frankly won't be very much worth the extra cash =(

last resort: ishibashi a RD605 along with an ATK. omg the ATK is underrated!!!