New Ibanez Catalouge 2006 UPDATE!

nah- the SA is an S-series derivative after all, something you'd embrace.

as for me, the SAS36/ SA260 feature an HSS pickup combo, something very rare in the Ibanez offerings. i already own an HSS Ibanez but both the single coils are now humbucking. i want an above-average HSS guitar without having to resort to Fender...
Exactly man, HSS is damn rare. So many times I wanted to bid on ebay, for a HSS S series. Just that they don't come with AANJ.

Dimarzio Multibucker anyone? :p

Sub, would like to thank you for upkeeping this thread. :D Thanks for the info and updates.
no probs man! + i've just gotten some confirmations from certain Ibanez authorities here, so we can gauge our expectations accordingly...
oo... H-S-S!

find it quite versitile... but my pacifica 312 has no floating bridge... thats he sad part about strat copies...

why is the SA more versatile then the RG?
Why I consider the SA more versatile than the RG?

Because the SA has a 22fret neck which gives a more rounded, neck tone. The RG's 24 frets compromises on the tone of the neck, makes it actually sound less neckish. If you get what I mean.

Also, a true single coil has that vibe which only true single coils have.

And the SA can still dish out heavy stuff, courtesy of its bridge humbucker.

It might not be awesome at metal, but its an all rounder.
So you get the sound of a humbucker PLUS the single coil???? Woah that's so cool, really versatile then.

Somehow the new SZ520FM doesn't really appeal to me, i think the heartbeat inlays a little.. well, erm too messy for me
Heavenscloud said:
So you get the sound of a humbucker PLUS the single coil???? Woah that's so cool, really versatile then.

Its the same as per as humbucker with a 4 conductor wiring. Or is there something special about the True Duo? Oh well, google time.
you can go to and read up abt how the ZR trem functions.

I tried it before. VERY smooth. Its quite scary actually, the smoothness. Very nice IMO but it will take some getting used to for FR users like you (and me).

Its really a step up in Floating bridges, however, parts are hard to find plus very expensive.
A thought...

When comparing a regular floyd bridge (with kife edges and all) and comparing it against the ZR trems,

I am thinking the regular floyds, wont they wear out faster? And in a way less reliable in the long run against the ball bearing system of a S-series?
just an update:

WEF 2006, the SA260 joins the RG321 at the Indonesian factory.


the SAS36 will be conceived in the Chinese factory, BUT do not expect it to be here anytime soon... :?

snobbish as it might sound...there goes the quality of the lower end ibanezes once they become chinese/indo made...

shredcow are you looking for a HSS S-series?
depends on the amount of whammy use really...but with cheap floyd copies made of soft metal i've seen knife edges worn down within a year. ibanez edges usually last about 3-5 years with moderate whammy use IMO