Musicman guitars..

hey guys..not been posting lately but now i gotta the chance..anyway i have been researching on music man guitars..looked in the forums and found some of you EBMM owners in some sites :p so now i have calculated cost and everything..and it seems that since my mum would only allow a max of two guitars...i might save up and buy a Steve Morse in the my question is 1) are there any local dealers in singapore that can help order a custom EBMM besides Sinamex(I think,so correct me if im wrong)
2) will the cost be high..i dont mind waiting if im going to order..
3) Anyone has a steve morse EBMM besides fgl(i think)?

sorry if this post is too long..cheers.. 8)

By the way do you think SOFT is underrated? =P
hey go to the sinamex website and write an email to the sales guy. name's nigel i think. he replies pretty quick with price quote.
charlestheguitarist said:
hey guys..

Just my opoinion. Steve Morse's guitar has too many pickups. It has 11 combinations (i Think) if u know how to meddle with it. Why don you consider LUKE or JP models? I think its too complicated 4 me. If you insist on Steve Morse, why don you get his new Y2D model? It's nicer & i think its much simpler.

hmm well is that a transparent pickguard?

if it is, be warned: transparent pickguards don't look good at all 5 years down the road, with scratches, dents, dirt and stuff on it. that from my personal experience. the saying goes..the more the merrier :lol: But too much of a good this is also kinda bad 8) ....keep in moderation...yup..i like the new steve morse y2k...but i think more combinations better as i can get lotts of tones...and i dont really want to keep too many guitars...plz dont recommend the already saving for one of those with the maple neck for my recording stuff when i get my pod this 22nd(my birthday! yah!)

cheers guys...
each player has his/ her eccentricities... the new Steve Morse signature model has actually 1 pickup (single coil) lesser than the blue models. however, prior to the EBMM endorsement, Morse actually sports that 4-pickup configuration in his telecaster.


wow...puts my tele to shame..even though its a squier :lol: anyway sub thanks for the anyone played a morse before..i might try it this weekend if im free...btw..anyone tried the axis supersport looks hot as well...argh! G.A.S...
Hmmm, if you're going for the older steve morse version, i think the user "fgl" is selling his. Might be cheaper, and you might be able to try it first too. PM him and ask.
Oh, and if you are looking for the JP model, they have 1 or 2 left that they just shipped in. You might wanna head down and check it out soon, before they're gone :D
Lyn said:
Hmmm, if you're going for the older steve morse version, i think the user "fgl" is selling his. Might be cheaper, and you might be able to try it first too. PM him and ask.

sold to Malaysian collector already...
If I was U I would order from Sinamex and wait.

So many horror stories about shipping EBMM guitars in those molded cases cause neck crack. Just read it on Ernie Ball or JP forums.
Hey all, it seems there are a number of Musicman users around here. Thought I'd ask you guys about it.

I'm looking for a good electric guit with a budget slightly over 2k, and musicman looks like it's pretty good. I was tempted to order the supersport axis with HH combination but I feel very hesitant to order a guitar that I have not tried out myself before.

I play rock, Christian music and almost everything else but mostly rock and the one thing that's important to me in an electric guit is a good sustain. So I guess Fender's out for me.

Thanks in advance for the help!