[MASS ORDER] GuitarHaus – Dry Cabinet to Protect your Guitars from wear and tear!


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• Tired of guitar strings rusting within weeks, even inside your guitar cases?
• Guitars left lying around, or unseen and forgotten in your guitar case?
• Guitars wearing out and sounding “dead” after exposure in Singapore’s humid environments?

I am doing a mass order for guitar dry cabinets – keep your guitars lasting against the harsh environment!

Why store your wooden instruments in a dry cabinet?
• Wood is water absorbent. A guitar impacted by humidity loses its ability to vibrate and resonate properly, making your instrument sound "dead"
• Wooden instruments well kept, so would prolong its life span
• You won't waste unnecessary time and money replacing silica gel/storing your guitars in an air conditioned room.

• Upright dry cabinet suitable for standard size guitars, ukuleles, banjo, mandolins
Local Singapore 5V power adapter
• Eco-friendly dehumidifying technology
• Relative Humidity (RH) levels and temperature display
Intelligent dehumidifying program
• 25%-99% Relative Humidity (RH) range, RH accuracy within 1%+-
• 5-year warranty on dehumidifying unit
Microcomputer touch Screen for Humidity and Light Controls (Tested for >1.5M button presses)
• Safe non-radiation operation
• Fire-resistant design
• Energy Saving
• LED Lighting
• Silent Operation
• High quality, rust-proof, sturdy construction, with optional wheels if needed to move around
• Magnetically sealed doors with 4mm thick tempered glass displays windows
• Door handle with lock and key to keep your valuable guitars safe

Product Information
• External Dimensions: 1200mm x 460mm x 500mm (HxWxD)
• Internal dimensions: 1135mm x 455mm x 475mm (HxWxD)
• Adjustable rack and hook
• Power consumption
• Weight: ~40Kg
• Material: Steel Cabinet with Tempered Glass
• Color: Black
• What’s included: Power adapter, Door Keys (2), Warranty Card and Certification, Cabinet Wheels

How to Participate
• Order would be made with a minimum of 5 interested buyers/5 units considered.
• Unit Price: [CURRENT PROMOTION PRICE] S$625 only! (Usual price: $680)
• Payment: 20% to confirm your order, 80% before delivery to doorstep.
• On confirmation, will require your Name, Address, Phone Contact to ensure successful delivery.
• Contact me on WhatsApp or SMS/phone at 98 777 801 – Raymond to inquire

Delivery and other information
• Lead Time: 4-6 weeks, subject to material availability
• Installation: The dry cabinet is assembled without the wheels in package. Just unpack, install the wheels if you want, plug the adapter and set the humidity you want!
• Recommended humidity: 50%.

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