Why i have been using live recordings with noises


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hi workers, musicians, hawkers, any citizens who have struggled with low pay for a long long time,

few weeks ago i let a lady friend listen to my studio product which is a fusion of live recording+studio edits

she, let's call her M, told me that the quality is not good enough to make people notice me in youtube, and that i (agent 101 of MI8) ought to think of a better way to make the recording clearer.

actually, if i really want a clean take, with wires from the mixer connected to my handheld recorder, it can be done easily.

tonight, i shall address all my fans (if any in SOFT), why the "lousy recording"

1. i have been experimenting with fusion so that i can challenge myself in studio post-production. In every studio my band & i played, we might have several takes in order to piece together enough footage for me and my other friends to do a completion on the project.

2. My band members and i don't get paid even if we produce Tip-Top quality mp3s for downloads. Some might say we should try Spotify or other revenue-linked sites for sale, but this Fusion project's initial idea is not for profit. i started the band project in year 2015 so that i can make new friends in music and also learn from my band members on music and other aspects of life.
i have made mistakes and also actualization at different points in jamming. i did fell in love with WanEr, but our relationship did not really work out for personal reasons, though now i now am very happy with my girl Rose.

3. Life is not about Perfection. If i were a perfectionist, i would not have tolerated clipping tracks through the earpieces into my sensitive ears for the past 5 years. But Ear-training is a very tedious exercise and requires Jedi concentration. i am happy i have passed myself with blue colours.

i hope that with the above, more softies can appreciate the music that my band and i present every now and then.

My current band is LittleDreamy, and the members are:

Ereen - vox
Chelsea - drums
Kris - bass
Seng - guitar
Sky - keys+backup vox

Thank you for the kind support. We will work harder !

p/s: Special thanks to all past band members who have contributed to my development as a better person. Also thanks to D for his assistance in studio.

^ ^

p/s2: thank you Rose, for being with me since Christmas 2019... i love u
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