WTS: On-Stage GPB2000 Compact Pedal Board with Gig Bag


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Purchased in February to build a new pedalboard but haven't had much chance to use since no jamming and no gigs. Reason for selling is that now because of school, I don't have much time for music. The velcro has not even been used.

The board is brand new with the exception of a mod: a strip in the bottom was sanded down so an extra mini pedal can fit on the underside of the board. Besides that, it has a few bumps here and there from experimenting with pedal order (see image here. The pedalboard is built like a rock.

18.75" x 6"
48cm x 15cm

Comes with bag, strap, velcro, and the board itself. Very highly rated pedalboard, similar size as Pedaltrain nano+, and more sturdy, but less expensive.

See reviews here: https://www.amazon.sg/Stage-GPB2000-Compact-Pedal-Board/dp/B01N15T22N

Selling for $65.

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