Music technology at La Salle SIA


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But what about La Salle SIA? they too have a sound engineering course but i'm not too sure whether its as specialised as SAE.does anyone here come from the music technology course at La Salle SIA? cause i would like to know more about it cause i'm really interested in taking up this course in july(been eyeing this course since sec 3 and i'm waiting for O level results now)
same here! if i dun end up in business or banking in poly, i'm gonna take Audio engineering. read up some thread not too long ago about the cert in SAE not being recgonized. wad about the diploma?

for the la-salle course wad are the requirements to get in?
too bad ... ...

my time no such luxury course. all engr and business course in poly.

if I'm in your era, audio engr and music will be my first choice for studies.

no engr, business or IT, strictly be audio engr and music !

to be honest.......

SAE is crap........... :?

my advice, FSB in Nee Ann poly.

still carp but atlest they dun con ppl.
wad abt la salle?

SP is coming up with this new music and audio tech course too. damn. wad's the best?
yeahhhh i know...i'm considering dat as i guess it's either La Salle SIA or SP for me.but den come to think of it right.....

would u study in a poly where ur a musician and it's like u say ,"hey i composed this song on the guitar wanna hear it" and they will be like..."oh shut up i'm NOT interested in it so dun bother me!!!!"

or would u study in an arts college where there are a few music courses obviously there will be budding musicians who share the same dream and passion as u rite? so if u're like ,"hey i composed this song on the guitar...wanna hear it?" and they will be like ..."okay let's hear from it" and maybe later they'll praise u for ur creativity or maybe give u some feedback on ur music or maybe even teach u some tips and the same things go on and on wif this musical discussion wif pple who share the same passion as u.

so i guess which type of institution would u rather go for to pursue wad u love most and dat is MUSIC....
i guess it all boils down to interest....

would u go for job prospects or interest when it comes to selecting a course in a tertiary institute?

for me...i really want to study sound engineering and i dun mind getting paid less for doing something which i love to do rather than getting paid more for doing something which i dread does not decide happiness for u , it is u urself who decide ur own happiness =)
same here man.

but for those who'll join the course in SP defnitely will be musicians too. after all, the one in la salle is basically the same course.
but u see La Salle SIA has 3 different kinds of music courses....

Diploma in Music

Diploma in Music Technology (Sound Engineering)

Diploma in Pop Music

the diploma in music focuses on classical music

the diploma in music technology revolves around the use of electronics to appreciate music

the diploma in pop music forcuses on modern songs and dat should include jazz,funk etc

as u can see...all these courses covers a wide propective to music regardless wad genre ur it's like u mix around wif musicians from different types of genres whether classical or jazz or even rock....u'll probably gain a better understand of music thru interaction wif ths pple in the 3 for me...i think La Salle SIA is the best bet for me =)
my advice is take La Salle SIA cause if i'm not wrong the first year u'll be studying music as a general subject as in u learn music theory and the life of some composers or maybe even rock stars? but dun get ur hopes too high...cause i only know dat they teach music as a general subject during the first year...well its according to the 2004 prospectus.

basically i think dat a sound engineer needs to make use the synthesizer to record music and dat means u need to have some basic music theory on the would certainly help u a lot when composing i also heard dat La Salle SIA has music studios but i'm not sure whether they have jamming studios or not but my fren told me dat there are like 10 GRAND PIANOS in La Salle SIA from which we can use for practice.whether this is true or things for sure...there are GRAND PIANOS in La Salle SIA and dat should help u wif using a synthesizer , dats if u have not learnt the piano at all.

if ur really really really interested in music den u should not mind studying music as a general subject.i mean...wads the use of calling a musician a musician when he or she knows nuts about music theory and at the same time dun know some prominent figures in the music world.

I saw the news on suria just now talking about SP's new music diploma thing. Looks quite interesting cause they'll also teach audio engineering/midi, multitracking, theory if i'm not wrong plus some other stuff too.

does the music tech course in lasalle concentrate on sound (midi/audio)only or other stuff too? cause i got to noe SP includes video application and other multimedia stuff. i'm taking my O's this year so maybe i could plan what stuff i could take.

today i just got a "mini" music technology cert endorsed by SP and my school (Kranji SEc). so, im considering to continue this course after i graduate. any feedback?
well i guess if ur really serious about music den i think u should go to La Salle SIA to study sound engineering.L1 R4 a C6 in either maths(E or A) or physics...not really dat tough thou...but u have to get thru the auditions as well...

if u wan sound engineering as a hobby...maybe u should go to SP and take up the sound engineering course.

but i recommend la salle SIA for the serious musician cause sound engineering is not a come and go kinda course which means dat it's juz as important as the subjects ur taking in sec sch now.u see...if u have the correct mindset towards this course..u will get more job offers or maybe even scholarships...cause after all...those companies one the best only rite?so i guess its juz de same as ur sec sch subjects....hardwork and determination will one day truely pay off =)
the course in La Salle SIA is almost the same as SP BUT La Salle SIA course outlay is very much more broadbased as in u get to record music from the other courses as well.
wad i mean is...lets say the diploma in dance needs to record some music for their dance...they will call the sound engineering class to record for its like a hands on experience and u get to appreciate other aspects of the fine arts as well like dance and drama.
try to talk to someone who is/was from those schools that you are interested in. better still, go for their open house.

there are additional requirments if you are doing the music course. like grade x in practical and grade x in theory.
i've read the fine print and dat only happens in the diploma in music course where u need a grade 8 in prac and grade 6 in theory

anyways i'm really looking forward to the open house this coming feb.

for the sound engineering course is juz an L1 R4 plus a pass in either maths or physics.
den after dat comes the auditions where u have to present a CD of ur singing in it or juz play a musical instrument followed by a short interview.
Hi, i'm a student in Lasalle SIA studying in Music Tech.

First year is foundation year so u will learn abt music theory which is important for u to do MIDI stuffs. As u advance ahead,u get to learn different softwares, do recording, composing different styles of music n many more. There r many assigments for u to do. Yes, u get many chance to collaborate with the Dance, media arts students to help them compose, record.
I think it's hard to compare which school is better cuz it's all abt the same thing that they r teaching.
The good thing in lasalle is tat they really spend a bomb on equipments, we juz got a Pro Tools TDM Control 24 for recording n mixing. They do have many syns n jamming studios.
If u like playing, u can join Dip in Contemporary Music. U get to perform every week n u also have a individual teacher to teach u on ur instruments.
Everywhere is the same, all depends on u.
hey thanks a lot mannnnn......does La Salle SIA have a hell lot of GRAND PIANOS? cause i'm dying to lay my hands on a grand piano...lolx

and do u learn the life of the various composers or famous musicians during ur 1st year???? cause i'm really hoping dat sound tech actually teaches about classical composers concening their life story etc since i cant get into the dip in music and i really want to learn about them!!!!!
and wad are the criteria to get into the pop music course besides L1 R4????
is the auditions gonna be same as in music tech? please i would like to know more....mannnnn...the time has finally arrived for me to study what i love most and dat is music...i waited 2 years for this ok? =)
Matt is it possible to tell me what other additional requirements u need to get into any of those 3 courses? I read up the webbie, they say need erm grade 8 or g6 on something, like piano or something.