Metal drummer lf like minded musicians!


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I'm a drummer with about 15 years' experience, I've played in several bands across many different genres, I've gigged quite a lot and recorded a few tracks with some of my previous bands as well. If you need an idea of my playstyle, I have some original metal/punk/pop songs that I can share, but nowadays I generally lean towards djent (tesseract/andromida/intervals/haken/periphery), prog (DT, symphony x, plini, procupine tree), and some groove metal (like LOG, myrath). I have loads of experience covering old school classic/power/thrash stuff too, so I have quite a few influences to pull ideas from.

Goals wise, I'm mainly looking for some casual peeps with experience in improv to jam out new ideas and possibly write originals. Hopefully we can produce something or even gig at some point? I'm pretty chill about direction, just would like to meet new musicians with a taste for metal, headbanging, and improv/jamming/writing. Of course, playing a few covers here and there for fun is always enjoyable too :p

I have a pretty busy work schedule (as I'm sure most of you have as well) but I think a jam once every week/2 weeks would be great. I'm 30 this year but I'm open to any age group/race/orientation/species. Feel free to WA me at eight 7 seven 8 4 zero xero 3 if you'd like to find out more or if you wanna jam or anything.

Cheers :D