MARTY FRIEDMAN Signature Ibanez!

so they've abandoned the singlecut SZ design after all... i see a lame 'Star' contraption at the bridge end...

word is, Ibanez had the guitar ready for the upcoming winter NAMM
They look like the normal Ibanez stop tail to me.

Honestly I don't think Marty should have moved from his Jackson Kellys. Those were the ultimate Friedman guitars IMHO. Figured tops, sharkfin inlays, bridge pickup, and no whammy bar. Plus it just stuck to the whole pointy shaped motif that Marty was just famous for since his Cacophony days. He should have never have left Jackson.

Furthermore I don't think this model is going to sell that well considering Marty's new style and reputation.

Could have done much better.
A lot of artistes left Jackson after Fender took over... apparently the management was , well, different.

I feel that this new model represents a new phase in his life... a more matured one if you will.. perhaps more toned down too.

Furthermore, Marty is popular in Japan. Thats where it will sell better I guess? Anyway, heh... this goes to show Ibanez doesn't suck up to popular players. 8)
You're missing the point of my post.

More mature? More toned down? Or just more money?

There's nothing special about this model, Ibanez is merely taking a made in korea SZ520QMBBL with a US List price of 600 plus and slapping his name on it.

IMHO ibanez introduced the MIK SZ to test the market, now that it has proved to be popular, they're gonna put his name on it and earn big bucks.
There's nothing new about this guitar. Almost everything is the same as the exisiting SZ.

Trust me the moment this model comes out, with friedman's name on it, it probably going to command a list price comparable to that of Fujigen Ibanez guitars.

Incidently Ibanez does not even make guitars, they're merely a design team.
well, you can say that abt marty but i guess, i'll give him a benefit of a doubt. ;)

There's nothing special abt this model? US List price of 600? Where did you get this info from? I'm curious...
I believe the SZ Series was introduced during NAMM 2003. With a list price of 599 USD, right now lists at 665 USD. The japan prestige version lists at 1329 USD. I could be wrong about introduction dates, but prices are most definate. Couple this with sloppy quality control that the company has these days and try to justify putting down so much dough for a guitar.

Essentially a spin-off of the Mike Mushok model, minus baritone option. Flamed maple top, flame inlays and fixed bridge.

Curious about the info?

List prices are all over the internet.

But I'm sure you'd know that by now. :roll:

It pisses me off how they market their products, I mean they may be good and all, essentially a company based on endorsements. Try finding some footage of factory operations on the net, or even try to find some useful information on their crap excuse for a website. They are highly evasive about factory production processes. No production is done at Ibanez itself. All japanese production is done at Fujigen, which essentially is a company on it's own, producing it own brand of guitars. Korean, Indonesian and other areas of production are allegedly made by the same folks that make cort.
You're right man, I do know abt all you posted. I just want to know where you got this info,

Souljah said:
There's nothing special about this model, Ibanez is merely taking a made in korea SZ520QMBBL with a US List price of 600 plus and slapping his name on it.

on the new Marty Friedman signature model, from?

And for the reason they are evasive abt their factory processes, I think you have to understand the Japanese culture more. Perhaps Jumbofret can help out here to explain things.
Dude I'm talking about the existing SZ Series.

Friedman model will probably debut at a coming NAMM.

List price info is available on

I think it's got nothing to do with Japanese culture per se.

It's pretty simple, if you produce something, market it as a quality product. Have the balls and decency to show some form of transparency and credibility behind it.

It's better to be honest about your production processes rather than let your customers find out everything is a sham years later.

I know how you feel, I'm an ibanez user myself, but I totally gave up on the brand when quality drop but prices went up? How's that for an inverse relationship. 8O
Ah... well.. if you were talking abt the current SZ series, i don't see why you phrased your statement in that way... but no matter... :)

Anyway, culture has a lot to do with Business Pracitces. What you deem as proper, which I do too, might be something alien to the Japanese or even distasteful.

I don't disagree with you that yeah, older ibanez stuff are better made and so on, prices rising and so on... But I didn't come from that ear (1980s - 1990s) so I can't put my foot down.