Iron Maiden is?


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What genre are the songs of Iron Maiden?

i keep hearing that they're metal... but really, is it cuz of the "Iron" in their name? or do they really play metal?

hearing the rythem, vocals and solos, i personally think that they're rock/hard rock...

without the influence of the "Iron" in the maiden... hard rock? or metal?
Metal, in my opinion. Heavy riffs and stuff.

But hey, does genre matter? As long as they make good kickass music that gets people high and crazy and makes them wanna mosh. Haha!

Up the Irons! \m/ (Yes I'm a fan. LOL)
I've always wondered why people cared about what genre of music a specific artist is. Not attacking anyone, but why? I've seen stuff like these asked so much. Iron Maiden? Bubble gum pop la!
I've seen a genre called brutal death grind core metal. O.O Now please someone explain that to me. LOL.

Oh yeah and to add on about my previous post, I think metal vocals isn't exactly defined by the scream-growl thing right? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always thought that growling was specifically for death metal or sth. =p I think Bruce's voice suits Maiden and metal alot!
yup in fact epic symphonic metal has melodic and non growling vocals. hurhurhur. nono im serious! btw tts symphony x's genre haha
Growling is just Growling. It's a style some vocalists prefer. I think it's nothing much to do with genre. And yeah, genres are okay. I'm talking about the main genres. But the millions of subgenres kinda confuse people more than help. Like the brutal deathcore grind metal genre. I seriously duno wtml is that. Haha. Or emopunkradiopop. Lol. Or whatever else.

Ah well, as long as the music's good, I'm okay with it. (;
Oh really =x Pardon my ignorance. Haha :oops: Metal has opera vocals too ;) Nightwish! Haha..

But I'd definately stick to saying Iron Maiden's metal. Wee~ Look at my signature Eddie! He's saying that 'Maiden's metal. I'll eat you.' Lol okay random. =x I'm sleepy and crappy and lame I'd better disappear before I lose my legs =x
hurhuhurhur well i was trying to make a point tt um. well i forgot.

well yeah all these genres.. well they bleed into each other so why the need to classify em! like the music can ready
i thought the prominent feature of metal was the heavily scooped mids and heavily distorted guitar that doesn't have a hint of vintage? more like the heavy use of metal pedals type of distort

i know there are many types of vocal for metal... and lyrics too... but other than that, its more of the musical chord progression which differs from rock?

a number of iron maiden solos, esp the earlier ones, sounds similar to jimmy pages's from led zeppelin... so...

not here not there? i just wanna know the fine line between hard rock and normal metal...

some ppl even say Iron Maiden is HEAVY metal!!!

i am wondering if genre depends on WHEN the band play their music or more of STLYE of their music?
it's not so much about classification i think... genres are just terms to name music with, like how are you going to know rock is rock if rock isn't called rock? 8O how would you describe the sounds of iron maiden? sure enough that you gotta like what you hear but even now we're discussing sound waves in words... i think the issue is how sometimes people misuse the terms of music... :lol: and madwerewolfboy's pretty confused about the terms people give iron maiden...?
people label them as heavy metal cuz of time (1980s)

people label them as metal cuz of their name (Iron)

people label them rock cuz of their style...

so... their genre (type) might be metal but style is still rock? 8O

enlighten me :?:
Iron Maiden can actually be considered as Power Metal; war hymns, fantasy and the like.
Think Dragonforce and Hammerfall.
Melodic and major-keyed.
People are inclined to categorised bands, and only listen to that few genres they handpicked, strictly.
Metal-heads might think that it is beneath them to listen to rock.
I personally favour metal, for they give me pleasure, but I am open to other genres too.
Good music remains good, regardless of how they are categorised.
For the record, Iron Maiden is heavy metal... they were part of the NWOBHM scene that came into being in the late seventies...

Besides...a lot of heavier music forms have their roots in rock and in turn the I don't quite get your point...

Vocal style in metal is dependent on the genre or rather subgenres...

A brutal death grind core band could mix guttural growls which hark from the death metal side of things. Or it could include more harsher slightly "cleaner" hardcore style of vocals. A band with that label would also be different musically in terms of the drum work for example, it could incorporate grind roots with punk like D-beats to standard death metal double quick time double pedal work. Lyrcially as well the band could approach it more social commentary or a more brutal fanatsy gore approach or anything in between.

I would think you could take a similar approach if you want to dissect a song as to whether its rock or metal...but I would suggest listening to more metal , get educated so to say and you would be able to tell the difference quite easily....

I believe subgenres are necessary especially when a musical style truly splinters in various offshoots....but I agree sometimes the labels given can be over the top or even unecessary...