If you're not into Allan Holdsworth, why the hell not?


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Contentious statement of the evening:

"Allan Holdsworth is the world's greatest guitarist."*

Fusion maestro Allan Holdsworth is without a doubt the most advanced and cutting edge player today - oft overlooked and never commercially successful, he rmains an underground guru of enormous influence and standing and is cited by almost every high-profile shredder as a fretboard godfather extraordinaire.

Swoon as he plucks unusual and interesting chord voicings and builds otherworldy harmonies. Gasp as sounds reflecting his mastery of guitar-created synthesis emanate from the speakers. Sob as his superhuman shred-legato mega-stretch uber-phrases and cascading sheets of ultrasound remain resolutely out of reach and decades ahead of any other player on the planet.

Check him out some samplers (couldn't find any legit mp3s) and go buy him!


* Legal discalimer: actual opinions of your own may vary.
I'll admit, that Alan Holdsworth is utterly amazing.

But one thing, its sometimes quite irritating to hear him shred out so many notes, but at the end of the CD, you don't quite rem what he played.

I still prefer technical prowress and musical innovation over 3 chord songs. ;)